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[Blog Talk Radio] Positively Autistic Fun and Games on the Spectrum


Click on the picture to go straight to the latest episode of Positively Autistic Fun and Games on the Spectrum.

In this episode

*Endings: How to wrap up a protracted game or series of linked games well.

*Board Games: The Impact of Board Games on the Gaming Community and society at large

*Miniatures: Making little models and painting them.


[Media] New Radio Show With Positively Autistic


The first episode of Positively Autistic: Fun and Games on the Spectrum will be premièring This Tuesday at 2PM UTC (British Time).

This new radio show will be about the gamers of the autistic community and the games they play and create.

If you are interested in Participating click the link above at said time and click the button to call in via Skype.

All opinions are welcome but do bear in mind that the Positively Autistic Network is intended for families so none of the lewd and crude speech you’re used to round the game table or in the chat channel!