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[Website Issues] Well Shit…

I have no mouth

It appears that this blogging platform is about to shut down for good meaning I’m going to have to find a new official site for the company.

It could be worse… I have at least got the Facebook pages and I have been meaning to spring clean all the satellite sites down to one but its unfortunate that so many are going to find broken links in my existing products.

I shall keep you all informed of the move (wherever I end up!) and I’ll be sure to archive everything from all of Kittiwake’s blogs.


Miniatures and Postage

So I’ve sold my first miniature and it comes to the point where I have to sort out postage and packaging.

As a gaming consumer myself I really don’t like that little bit extra for postage and packaging however unfortunately to actually make a profit it is a necessity. Thus there will be a postage charge for miniatures dependent on world location.

Even still I can assure you my margin is as small as possible so you can get good gaming products for a reasonable sum.

Thank you for your understanding and feel free to email me any questions.

[Update] Time to Get back into the game!

Too Damn High!
I know, I know damnit!

I’ve been really tardy in getting on with things lately. Though the networking amongst the local gaming community has been useful I’ve been so knackered recently that I haven’t really had the time to get on with things.

However I intend to prioritise the following…

CID: This really needs finishing but I’m kind of stuck on the boring bit (Combat.) It should prove to be a winner and once done it will get me back in the game with a core game that’s NOTHING like anything I’ve done before.

Novel: Again stuck though strangely not on a boring bit. I’ll be sure to give Hattie the utterly insane story she deserves as soon as I can though.

Supplements: I may work on the Courtesans “Monster Manuals” (Eligible Gentlemen and Scandalous Ladies) as having a book chock full of pre-made admirers has obvious advantages.

Card Support: DriveThru Cards has been up for over a year and I still haven’t got round to doing something for it. Currently I’m thinking a “monopoly money” type thing for Courtesans or Doxy with a one use special ability on the filp-side much how the 2GMs 1Mic Crew use cards.

Miniatures: They exist !!!! Seriously though please consider getting one even if only a one off purchase. What I really should do is a new set of painted ones using my new and improved skills.

So once again sorry for my screwed up headspace and all it has done but I hope to be back on form soon.

[Blog Talk Radio] Positively Autistic Fun and Games on the Spectrum


Click on the picture to go straight to the latest episode of Positively Autistic Fun and Games on the Spectrum.

In this episode

*Endings: How to wrap up a protracted game or series of linked games well.

*Board Games: The Impact of Board Games on the Gaming Community and society at large

*Miniatures: Making little models and painting them.

[Used Books] Update

Still got books to go

Prices remain

UK Shipping: £12 hardback, £10 Paperback

International Shipping: £15 Hardback £12 Paperback

new World of Darkness
Ghost Stories
Mysterious Places
Urban Legends
Midnight Roads
Shadows of Mexico
Shadows of the UK

Vampire the Requiem
Requiem for Rome
Ancient Mysteries
Ancient Bloodlines

Werewolf the Forsaken
Blood of the Wolf

Promethean the Created
Pandora’s Book

Changeling the Lost

Red Dwarf

Screen (Counts as Paperback)

Traveller (Mongoose Edition)
Babylon 5 (Paperback)

Deadlands Reloaded 1st Edition
The Flood
Coffin Rock (Paperback)

Necessary Evil 1st Edition

D20 Modern
Core Rules
Macho Women With Guns
Farscape RPG

Wraith the Oblivion
First Edition

Vampire the Masquerade
2e Core
2e Player’s Guide
Clanbook Malkavian
Clanbook Tzimisce
Hunters Hunted
Player’s Guide to the Sabbat


[Activism/ Film] The Lame Duck Rises

Mr Fowl

Scripts for both film and stage were some of my first writing projects worth a damn so I’ve been thinking of returning to them for a while now. Doubtless many of my regular fans are sick and tired of my various disabled rights posts and wish I would go back to something a bit more creative so I shall.

The Lame Duck Rises shall feature an alternate future version of myself seeking revenge on the ultra-capitalist system that drove him utterly insane. Think of a guy as ruthless as the Punisher, with the sick sense of humour of The Spectre leading an improvised network of highly skilled and equally deranged operatives like Batman.

I’ve got a good opening written up and hope to have a full script soon. If you are in or able to easily get to the Enfield-Southgate area and you are interested in appearing in this film do please get in contact with me via the usual channels.

I have 7 evil Tories, a Newsreader and Mr Fowl’s trusty sidekicks Logic, Rags and Ruin to cast for sure with the possibility of other characters appearing in the story later.

I hope you will support this endeavour and forgive the delay to CID.