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[Fiction] Full Metal Orgasm #69003

Full Metal Orgasm

In the latest issue I have a short story published set in my “20kverse” click the picture to get the kindle download


[WBH] Alien Weakness

Saturnian Strumpet

This is something of an errata as I don’t think I explained the Alien Weakness clearly enough.

When an enemy Exploits the Alien Weakness by sacrificing her Weapon Attributes (see Chapter Nine: Weapons) and successfully inflicts damage she inflicts 2 boxes of the appropriate Damage rather than the usual 1. If the Alien succeeds in her Damage Resistance Test she still suffers 1 box of the appropriate damage from a glancing blow.

The reason this is somewhat slapdash in the book is because the Alien Weakness went through the most revisions of all of them. An optional alternative Weakness is presented below.

When an enemy Exploit the Alien When an enemy Exploits the Alien Weakness by sacrificing her Weapon Attributes (see Chapter Nine: Weapons) and successfully inflicts Damage the Alien must also make a mark by one of her Power Levels, suspending that level from play. The highest level of a Power must be marked off first

[WBH] Optional Morality: The Wholesome Task Force (WTF)

“No creative work is ever finished: Only abandoned”- George Lucas

In the vein (but hopefully not the quality) of the above noted hack I present an optional additional Morality for Whore’s Blade Heroics.

The Wholesome Task Force or WTF: These rules require your opponent’s consent to use as they are outside of the “canon” of the core rulebook.

The Wholesome Task Force
WTF LogoNickname
As the Superladies inducted into the WTF are all perceived to have violated The Cleaner’s “Good Old Fashioned British Christian Morals” the few who know of the existence of the organisation know them as The Naughty List

The excesses of the Grit Age, with their attempts to be as gritty and edgy as the scandal that created it got pretty offensive pretty quickly. Thus the bored Housewife and professional whining old prude Mary Whitehouse stopped attacking television programs she didn’t actually watch and decided to go after Superladies. With money “appropriated” from many victim’s charities she began to build her own holding facility for the “worst offenders” and arranged their kidnap off the streets and induction to her unique brand of reform through work therapy. Regardless of their former allegiance Heroines, Villainesses and Anti Heroines were forced to work together on “wholesome family orientated” tasks that inevitably crashed and burned into orgies of sex and violence. With the groundwork laid Whitehouse handed her costumed identity as The Sanitiser and her organisation to a like-minded young lady called Deirdre Carthorse. Working below the radar of all 3 Superlady factions as well as civilian authorities the WTF continues to field unusual “Naughty List” team ups in the mistaken hope of making them think of the children… whilst throwing them out of a burning building… um yeah…

Who the Fuck are they?: It is somewhat distressing to find yourself confronted by a mix of missing Superladies from all 3 Moralities working together. Opponents of WTF Superteams do not apply their +5 Morality Membership bonus to their starting Courage Pool.

Odd Mix: WTF Superteams consist of a wide variety of Superladies from competing Moralities forced to work together. Unlike regular teams they may only include Superladies: One Leader and as many Sidekicks as the Player wishes to purchase. Allies and Goons may not be Purchased.

Whore’s Blade Heroics can be purchased in PDF and Print format.

[WBH] Release Announcement

Kittiwake Classics is Proud to announce the release of yet another saucy silly wargame poking fun at the eccentricities of geek culture

The Core Rulebook for Whore’s Blade Heroics provides all the rules you need to play through the incredible, action packed struggles of high kicking Superladies in the Kittiwake Comics World or any other super-powered Universe. Whether you’re a Hero, a Villain or Something in Between, you had be prepared for an epic clash of super stockinged titans.

Print Copies are on sale Here and PDFs are here

While you are at it do check out our miniatures store here

[WBH] Final Touches

WBH Front Cover

Just to let you all know we now have a cover (thanks Brad) and I am putting the final touches to this incredibly silly parody of Superheroine clichés in Tabletop Battle/Roleplaying Game form.

Whore’s Blade Heroics should be out within the week.

A free piece of advice for those writing complex gaming systems: Write your summary sheets first :S

[WBH] Conventions and Priority


Rather than crush everything into the Movement Chapter I have decided to put the core mechanics and priority phase together.

The terminology I use remains consistent…

Dice: A single 6 sided die.

X Dice: X being the number of dice rolled.

1/2 Dice: Roll a 6 sided dice and divide the result by 2 rounding up. For lazy people 1-2= 1, 3-4= 2, 5-6= 3.

Roll Off: The basis of the game. Both players roll a dice (with appropriate modifiers) and the one who scores the highest wins!

Challenge: A Roll Off between two Warriors modified by each one’s relevant Statistic, Proficiency, Weapon and/ or Other Factors. For example a Spotting Challenge is Aggression versus Grit meaning the Spotter rolls a dice + Aggression against the Hiding Warrior’s dice + Grit with both applying Proficiencies and Weapons as Appropriate.

Test: A roll where the modifier of one party is not determined by Statistics but rather by circumstances as appropriate to the situation.

Margin of Success: The difference between the winning roll and the losing roll.

Margin of Failure: As above but in reverse.

Exceptional Margin: A Margin of Success or Failure of 5 or greater.

Save: A Roll off between the Players to determine if a Warrior suffers Burn Out or Death.

Pace: A Pace is a basic measure of distance. It defaults at 1 Inch=1 Pace but you can use any measure you deem appropriate provided you have the consent of your opponent.

Warrior: A general term for a member of a Superteam whether a Character or Goon.

Priority has been altered to a roll off rather than Priority going to the Superteam with the Highest Courage in order to fit in with some of the more interesting Powers. Not sure this will continue in future games but here it works.