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[Minis] Nurse Judy Painted by Blake Guyan

In order to give us some prettier pictures of painted minis I have taken up the offer of a professional to have some Kittiwake Classics Miniatures painted.

First and foremost on Blake Guyan’s list… the delightful Nurse Judy



[WBH] Origin- Mutants

Ms Zen Painted

Toward the end of the Cheese Age it became clear that human DNA was far more capable than previously thought and it was beginning to change in some very odd ways. These Mutants, were naturally feared, mistrusted and discriminated against even by some Superladies on all sides.

The natural reaction to discrimination is resistance but the Mutant community is divided as to just how violent this resistance should be.

Mutants have the advantage of using their notoriety to strike terror into their foes however they have real trouble co-operating with the notoriously prejudiced Police force.

Though they show a variety of Superpowers they have a heavy bias toward asymmetrical terrorist/freedom fighter style tactics.

[Minis] All Greens Delivered

All of the Greens: That is the models made to determine the molds for the Kittiwake Classics Miniatures have been delivered to me.

To recap what’s coming…

Ms Zen
Ms Zen: Based on the Wytch portrait by Mastersilverwolf and perfect for a mystic warrior in any game.

Quizzer Ophelia Rex
Ophelia Rex: Based on the Administrator portrait by Mastersilverwolf this high tech sexy sectary is suitable for any Science Fiction game: Particularly gothic and cyberpunk.

Bolo Tick
Bolo Tick… she’s an Orc Courtesan… enough said! She was based on the Mastersilverwolf Orc with a dress from Raven Morrison’s Lady Jessica Silver.

Dolly Dock
Dolly Dock: A practiced pickpocket with eyes for the pretty girls: Based on the Raven Morrison portrait.

Ruth Talbot
Ruth Talbot: Based on Wizkid: The Cheapening interior art this is schoolgirl mage is hot stuff.

Nurse Judy
Nurse Judy: Based on the Mastersilverwolf Welness Officer Portrait this gun packing sexy nude nurse suits modern and Science Fiction settings.

Sister Sadie
Sister Sadie: Based on the Mastersilverwolf Zealot Portrait: This kinky nude fanatic complete with whip ready to punish sinners.

Lulu Stevens
Lulu Stevens: based on interior art from Chav: The Knifing this hot tempered madam is ready for a modern or Sci Fi game of your choice.

Lenora Justine
Lenora Justine: A cult leader/ preacher for modern and Sci Fi games based on the Mastersilverwolf Demagogue.

Sugar Plum
And last but not least Dolly’s ditzy partner in Crime Sugar Plum: Based on the Raven Morrison portrait.

I’ll keep you posted on all developments.

[Minis Update] Goodbye Edwin… Hello Sweetie

Wytch Poster (Censored)

Rather than the planned Edwin Murk figure, which I don’t think is very appealing from a marketing perspective, I have changed the commission to include a Wytch modelled on this lovely lady.

Updates as and when I get them me dears!