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[WBH] Origin- Supernormals

Pistol Weilder

Last, but far from least, in our showcasing of the Origins we have the Supernormals.

These are perhaps the bravest (or perhaps most stupid) of all the Superladies these daredevils have no Powers of their own relying on their intensive training in their areas of expertise and some ingenious Gadgets.

You cannot expect a Supernormal to soak up punishment like a Supernatural or an Experiment but through their brilliant tactical and technical prowess they can stand toe to toe with veritable goddesses.

That is the definition of badass…


[WBH] Origin- Supernaturals


There is a secret supernatural history to the world of Kittiwake Comics. Though, just as in our world, the majority of women burned as witches, staked as vampires and exorcised as demons were just unfortunate mentally ill or counter cultural individuals, some of them actually were supernaturally gifted and many of their supposed “deaths” were just minor inconveniences.

With Kittiwake Girl’s example of how the odd and the powerful could finally come into the open and use their Powers without fear of persecution Supernaturals soon got in on the Superlady act.

The damage resisting gift that Supernaturals have as a default is far greater than anything possessed even by Aliens with their odd physiology. However they still must be wary as Weapons blessed by the Creator (in whatever guise He is followed) can overcome this ability.

As the bodies of Supernaturals are forever bound to their souls true death is depressingly permanent for them and they do their level best to avoid it.

[WBH] Origin- Mutants

Ms Zen Painted

Toward the end of the Cheese Age it became clear that human DNA was far more capable than previously thought and it was beginning to change in some very odd ways. These Mutants, were naturally feared, mistrusted and discriminated against even by some Superladies on all sides.

The natural reaction to discrimination is resistance but the Mutant community is divided as to just how violent this resistance should be.

Mutants have the advantage of using their notoriety to strike terror into their foes however they have real trouble co-operating with the notoriously prejudiced Police force.

Though they show a variety of Superpowers they have a heavy bias toward asymmetrical terrorist/freedom fighter style tactics.

[WBH]-Origin- Experiments

Major Britania

During the brief War with Nazi Germany various shadowy governmental organisations worked on artificially creating Superladies to aid their armies. The British SOE was by far the most successful at this thanks to their backing from all of the original Superladies (Heroines and Villainesses alike.)

Well successful in creating many powerful individuals however the vast majority of Experiments, even if they remain on the right side of the law, go more than a little crazy. With the defection of former propaganda project Major Britannia to the LEO post-war further experimentation was outlawed worldwide.

Of course that doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Experiments tend to be extremely good defensive fighters however they are prone to mental instability and have proven highly suggestible.

[WBH] Accidents


Accidents are by far the most common Origin.

Why? Because people are clumsy and stupid and fall into all sorts of radioactive/genetically engineered/acidic goo. The resulting Powers are usually quite epic in nature however they are as unpredictable and accident prone as their wielders.

Accidents are very cheerful and fun loving girls who will brighten up your Superteam’s Courage Pool however you must be prepared for them to fall on their arse: A lot!

[WBH] Superladies

The Tackler

Superladies are the costumed protagonists of comic books. To represent them in Whore’s Blade Heroics a template is added to the base features Character.

The Superlady Template consists of the following features.

A snappy name the Superlady is known by on the street. Some like Texi Tarquin or Feathers McGee don’t bother with this but most have secret identities to maintain so come up with elaborate names.

Everyone starts somewhere and Superladies are no exception. There are 6 Origins I shall address in individual articles however in summary…

*Accidents: Women who accidentally fell into a radioactive… something…


*Experiments: Science experiments done right… well kind of.

*Mutants: Icky genetic supers.

*Supernaturals: Beings of magic and myth.

*Suprnormals: Superladies with brilliant training and lots of gadgets.

Powers get a whole chapter to explain themselves but on the whole they are very generic and can be applied to a wide variety of storyworld styles.

[WBH] Characters

Major Britania

Characters are defined as those Warriors that are integral to a Superteam’s actions in the story world. Regardless of whether they are Superladies or Allies they are the ones who’s story is being told in game.

Characters (before any decision is made as to whether they are Superladies or allies. Have the following features.

A name which they are legally known by in civilian life.

Characters have 3 Statistics:

Aggression Co-Ordination and spatial awareness.

Grit: Brute force and resilience.

Will: Strength of mind and determination.

Specialist Areas in which the Character excels.

Shiny things to hit people with.

This base is expanded upon by the selection of Templates which shall be described next…

[WBH] Morality- The Society to Preserve Order (SPO)

SPO Logo

Kittiwake Girl’s Personal “in crowd” of goody two-shoes heroines the Society to Preserve Order was founded after World War II to attempt to organise and regulate these spandex wearing vigilantes and war heroines into something more manageable and controllable.

It’s somewhat natural for an Archasian to come off as a bit of a control freak no matter how well intentioned she may be however Kittiwake Girl is pretty hands off when it comes to leadership.

She has one rule: No Killing. As mentioned before this rule is non-negotiable and is the source of the SPO’s split with the IHL.

SPO Superteams have quite a considerable Weakness in not being able to use lethal force however they make up with it with a resolve that having the backing of the Best (Magnificent Magda, The Widow, Kittiwake Girl and many more) can bring.

[Comics] The Ages

I maybe starting from scratch but I have a long term plan for stories from Kittiwake Girl’s arrival in 1935 to the present day.

Thus the stories are divided into ages depending on when it is set.

Origin Age

This covers the pre war years where Kittiwake Girl establishes the Superlady archetype and the big girls start their stories.

The Age of War

This covers the brief war between the Nazis (and their allies) and the Superlady special forces of the British Empire.

Cheese Age

This was a rather fun but embarrassing era when everything was brightly coloured, kid friendly and full of stupid one-liners.

Grit Age

Shocked by the Widow Scandal the Superlady community got a Hell of a lot darker and all sorts of nasty shit started happening in what would become known as The Grit Age.

Modren Age

These stories will be set in the near past and present covering the slightly more serious than the Cheese Age but not as fucked up as the Grit Age modern times.