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[WBH] Morality- The Society to Preserve Order (SPO)

SPO Logo

Kittiwake Girl’s Personal “in crowd” of goody two-shoes heroines the Society to Preserve Order was founded after World War II to attempt to organise and regulate these spandex wearing vigilantes and war heroines into something more manageable and controllable.

It’s somewhat natural for an Archasian to come off as a bit of a control freak no matter how well intentioned she may be however Kittiwake Girl is pretty hands off when it comes to leadership.

She has one rule: No Killing. As mentioned before this rule is non-negotiable and is the source of the SPO’s split with the IHL.

SPO Superteams have quite a considerable Weakness in not being able to use lethal force however they make up with it with a resolve that having the backing of the Best (Magnificent Magda, The Widow, Kittiwake Girl and many more) can bring.


[Logos] Whore’s Blade Heroics and Fantasy Femmes

A couple of logos courtesy of Brad.

First Heroics

WBH Logo F

This is the official minis game of the comics and but kicking spandex clad supers game of the highest order.

Next Fantastic Femmes

WBFF Logo 1

This is the minis adaptation of Fantasy Courtesans with all the silliness that implies!