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[WBH] Optional Morality: The Wholesome Task Force (WTF)

“No creative work is ever finished: Only abandoned”- George Lucas

In the vein (but hopefully not the quality) of the above noted hack I present an optional additional Morality for Whore’s Blade Heroics.

The Wholesome Task Force or WTF: These rules require your opponent’s consent to use as they are outside of the “canon” of the core rulebook.

The Wholesome Task Force
WTF LogoNickname
As the Superladies inducted into the WTF are all perceived to have violated The Cleaner’s “Good Old Fashioned British Christian Morals” the few who know of the existence of the organisation know them as The Naughty List

The excesses of the Grit Age, with their attempts to be as gritty and edgy as the scandal that created it got pretty offensive pretty quickly. Thus the bored Housewife and professional whining old prude Mary Whitehouse stopped attacking television programs she didn’t actually watch and decided to go after Superladies. With money “appropriated” from many victim’s charities she began to build her own holding facility for the “worst offenders” and arranged their kidnap off the streets and induction to her unique brand of reform through work therapy. Regardless of their former allegiance Heroines, Villainesses and Anti Heroines were forced to work together on “wholesome family orientated” tasks that inevitably crashed and burned into orgies of sex and violence. With the groundwork laid Whitehouse handed her costumed identity as The Sanitiser and her organisation to a like-minded young lady called Deirdre Carthorse. Working below the radar of all 3 Superlady factions as well as civilian authorities the WTF continues to field unusual “Naughty List” team ups in the mistaken hope of making them think of the children… whilst throwing them out of a burning building… um yeah…

Who the Fuck are they?: It is somewhat distressing to find yourself confronted by a mix of missing Superladies from all 3 Moralities working together. Opponents of WTF Superteams do not apply their +5 Morality Membership bonus to their starting Courage Pool.

Odd Mix: WTF Superteams consist of a wide variety of Superladies from competing Moralities forced to work together. Unlike regular teams they may only include Superladies: One Leader and as many Sidekicks as the Player wishes to purchase. Allies and Goons may not be Purchased.

Whore’s Blade Heroics can be purchased in PDF and Print format.


[WBH] Morality- The League of Extrodinary Outcasts

LEO Logo

Whether they are victims of society or mental illness there are many Superladies who just cannot play fair. Through giant corporations, underground smuggling rings or even with nothing but their powers and their stupid costume Villainesses strike terror into Civilian and Superlady alike.

Just as with heroes the foremost of these is the very first. Texi Tarquin was the first to don a costume to fight Kittiwake Girl, the unwanted subject of a delusional love-hate infatuation and fascination of the notoriously predatory madam.

Once the truce of the Second World War was over she formed a counterpart to her rival’s SPO in the League of Extraordinary Outcasts.

The League is even more loosely structured than it’s heroic counterpart and it’s actions are, for the most part chaotic and unplanned. Texi’s position however remains unquestioned. Despite being little more than a human with a stack of awesome gadgets she keeps her stilettos firmly on the faces of her closest rivals. Even the notoriously devious Feathers McGee and the insanity of the Black Toon are kept in check by Texi’s mere glance in their direction.

LEO Superteams are very well supplied whether through legitimate means like TexiInc or criminal empires like the Feathers mob. They can field the best in equipment and weapons though often relying on the under-classes for minion support bites them in their pert arses!

[WBH] Morality- The Society to Preserve Order (SPO)

SPO Logo

Kittiwake Girl’s Personal “in crowd” of goody two-shoes heroines the Society to Preserve Order was founded after World War II to attempt to organise and regulate these spandex wearing vigilantes and war heroines into something more manageable and controllable.

It’s somewhat natural for an Archasian to come off as a bit of a control freak no matter how well intentioned she may be however Kittiwake Girl is pretty hands off when it comes to leadership.

She has one rule: No Killing. As mentioned before this rule is non-negotiable and is the source of the SPO’s split with the IHL.

SPO Superteams have quite a considerable Weakness in not being able to use lethal force however they make up with it with a resolve that having the backing of the Best (Magnificent Magda, The Widow, Kittiwake Girl and many more) can bring.

[WBH] Morality: The Idealistic Heroines’ League (IHL)

IHL Logo

The Idealistic Heroine’s League is the result of a Post War hissyfit of epic proportions from Kittiwake Girl. More than any other Superlday Kittiwake girl has been dedicated to non lethal force. The “KG rule,” as it has become known as, is essentially “heroines do not kill.”

The somewhat jaded and more practical Gray Areas called Kittiwake Girl out on this bullshit and promptly got kicked out of the SPO. Ever since she has been a figurehead for all those Heroines who, for whatever reason, don’t like playing by the rules even when they are relatively lax.

Known as antiheroines the IHL are feared by both of the other Morality Factions. The idea of taking no prisoners seems scary to everyday Superladies whatever end of the fully automatic firearm you’re on!

IHL Superteams are typically somewhat chaotic and bristling with semi legal Weapons. Much like their colourful leaders!