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[CID] Character Creation

Chapter 2

With the History Farce system at it’s core CID: Coppers In Disguise has a relatively straight-forward Character Creation system for both new players and those who’ve dabbled in the mess of Georgian England.

Having said this the very team orientated nature of the setting has forced a more Co-Operative Character Creation Process in which Players are required to work together to establish their place in the Team. It is very likely that some Coppers will begin play at a more effective ability level than others but this is balanced out by extra Flex and the Drawbacks of more Clichés.

Clichés are kind of like ready made Merit-Flaw (or Strength-Weakness) packages that also contribute Virtue points when they help or hinder.

In addition the system has been further enhanced with the division of Statistics into Good Cop and Bad Cop with mechanical bonuses available to those who emphasise one over the other with a direct impact on the spendable Virtue Points that provide a heroic edge for Player Characters.


[WBH] Goons


Some Superladies have very ordinary hired help.

These “Goons” whether they are trained animals, thugs, zombies or special forces soldiers are not as combat effective as Superladies or even allies but they are cheap enough to field in large numbers.

Goons are not going to be much of a threat on their own but in force of numbers they can at least slow down a determined opponent.

Be advised also that Goons are not just for Villainesses. Heroines and Anti Heroines have been known to work with the Police, Neighbourhood Watch and even petty Criminal Gangs to achieve their ends.

[WBH] Allies

Alf Arkwright

Sometimes a Superlady needs help that she can’t get from a costumed Sidekick or a common Goon.

This is where Allies come in.

Allies use the Character Template but don’t have Origins or Powers like a Superlady. Instead they have a special Ability called an Authority.

Depending on their area of Authority (Criminal, Espionage and Terrorism, Magic, Police and Science) and the level (Basic, Extensive and Leading) Allies can bring resources to bear that result in very useful tactical advantages for a Superteam.

[WBH] Origin- Supernormals

Pistol Weilder

Last, but far from least, in our showcasing of the Origins we have the Supernormals.

These are perhaps the bravest (or perhaps most stupid) of all the Superladies these daredevils have no Powers of their own relying on their intensive training in their areas of expertise and some ingenious Gadgets.

You cannot expect a Supernormal to soak up punishment like a Supernatural or an Experiment but through their brilliant tactical and technical prowess they can stand toe to toe with veritable goddesses.

That is the definition of badass…

[WBH] Accidents


Accidents are by far the most common Origin.

Why? Because people are clumsy and stupid and fall into all sorts of radioactive/genetically engineered/acidic goo. The resulting Powers are usually quite epic in nature however they are as unpredictable and accident prone as their wielders.

Accidents are very cheerful and fun loving girls who will brighten up your Superteam’s Courage Pool however you must be prepared for them to fall on their arse: A lot!

[WBH] Characters

Major Britania

Characters are defined as those Warriors that are integral to a Superteam’s actions in the story world. Regardless of whether they are Superladies or Allies they are the ones who’s story is being told in game.

Characters (before any decision is made as to whether they are Superladies or allies. Have the following features.

A name which they are legally known by in civilian life.

Characters have 3 Statistics:

Aggression Co-Ordination and spatial awareness.

Grit: Brute force and resilience.

Will: Strength of mind and determination.

Specialist Areas in which the Character excels.

Shiny things to hit people with.

This base is expanded upon by the selection of Templates which shall be described next…

[Transported] Update


I don’t think just making Transported a Supplement will do it justice. It is a unique setting with unique challenges and unique Characters.

Thus Transported will become the 4th History Farce game. It shall play with some of the same mechanics as Doxy but it shall be standalone.

There shall be conversion guides from the other 3 but all Felons will use the rules in Transported rather than their own.

Please do join us for this rollicking adventure!