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[CID] Character Creation

Chapter 2

With the History Farce system at it’s core CID: Coppers In Disguise has a relatively straight-forward Character Creation system for both new players and those who’ve dabbled in the mess of Georgian England.

Having said this the very team orientated nature of the setting has forced a more Co-Operative Character Creation Process in which Players are required to work together to establish their place in the Team. It is very likely that some Coppers will begin play at a more effective ability level than others but this is balanced out by extra Flex and the Drawbacks of more Clichés.

Clichés are kind of like ready made Merit-Flaw (or Strength-Weakness) packages that also contribute Virtue points when they help or hinder.

In addition the system has been further enhanced with the division of Statistics into Good Cop and Bad Cop with mechanical bonuses available to those who emphasise one over the other with a direct impact on the spendable Virtue Points that provide a heroic edge for Player Characters.


[WB20k] Warriors

Warrior Poster (Censored)

Building Warriors is a bit like a simplified version of building a History Farce Character. Each Warrior has the following…

Gene Grade: Similar to Courtesans 20,000 only instead of Strong Stats it boosts the effectiveness of Proficiencies if you have a higher Grade and there are no Grade Weaknesses.

Statistics: Each Warrior has 3 Statistics Aggression, Grit and Will. The first Dot in each is free further Dots must be purchased.

Proficiencies: A bit like Good Ats but you are only allowed 1 for each Statistic.

Weapons, Features and Bugs and Psychic Powers have their own chapters but the basics are covered in Warrior Creation for purposes of quick reference.

This is a very flexible system allowing you to customise your very own little Warband to protect the Empire or destroy it.

This of course depends on the Allegiance you select!