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[WB20k] Weapons

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Unlike many ridiculous Science Fiction Wargames, Whore’s Blade 20,000 reflects the fact that in the future warfare will be dominated by fire fights.

You can TRY to be an elite mystic space knight but normally that gets you shot to pieces!

Weapons listed (with the exception of those gained by Features) are therefore all shooting Weapons.

As in Courtesans 20,000 they are divided into Standard Issue, Elite and Heavy Categories with prices and restrictions limiting the number of Heavy Weapons in Warbands.

Weapon Attributes are little changed aside from being rationalised into a notational form suitable for a Roster Sheet and Poison is now referred to as Critical as not all weapons capable of such horrific damage are necessarily venoms.

Ranges are deliberately on the short side to keep games mobile and fast paced.


[WB 20k] The Empress’ Guardians

Guardians Logo

The Guardians are the ground forces of the Empire.

Why does an Empire bristling with super weapons capable of cracking planets open like eggs need an infantry? Because the Infantry Soldier is, and always will be, the ultimate weapon: You don’t use a meat cleaver to cut out a tumour you use a scalpel.

The average Guardian is far from this subtle but she’s the best the Empress can do. As most wars in the Empire are small counter insurgency affairs Guardians are taught to make the best of their shoddy equipment and fight like tigers whatever nasty scrape they fall into.

Tactically Guardians are about outshooting their enemies. All of their Favoured Weapons are Medium to long range and they gain an additional bonus for using them making them a really nasty bunch of heavily armed battle bitches.

[WB20k] Warriors

Warrior Poster (Censored)

Building Warriors is a bit like a simplified version of building a History Farce Character. Each Warrior has the following…

Gene Grade: Similar to Courtesans 20,000 only instead of Strong Stats it boosts the effectiveness of Proficiencies if you have a higher Grade and there are no Grade Weaknesses.

Statistics: Each Warrior has 3 Statistics Aggression, Grit and Will. The first Dot in each is free further Dots must be purchased.

Proficiencies: A bit like Good Ats but you are only allowed 1 for each Statistic.

Weapons, Features and Bugs and Psychic Powers have their own chapters but the basics are covered in Warrior Creation for purposes of quick reference.

This is a very flexible system allowing you to customise your very own little Warband to protect the Empire or destroy it.

This of course depends on the Allegiance you select!