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[WB20k] Weapons

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Unlike many ridiculous Science Fiction Wargames, Whore’s Blade 20,000 reflects the fact that in the future warfare will be dominated by fire fights.

You can TRY to be an elite mystic space knight but normally that gets you shot to pieces!

Weapons listed (with the exception of those gained by Features) are therefore all shooting Weapons.

As in Courtesans 20,000 they are divided into Standard Issue, Elite and Heavy Categories with prices and restrictions limiting the number of Heavy Weapons in Warbands.

Weapon Attributes are little changed aside from being rationalised into a notational form suitable for a Roster Sheet and Poison is now referred to as Critical as not all weapons capable of such horrific damage are necessarily venoms.

Ranges are deliberately on the short side to keep games mobile and fast paced.