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[WB20k] Warriors

Warrior Poster (Censored)

Building Warriors is a bit like a simplified version of building a History Farce Character. Each Warrior has the followingÂ…

Gene Grade: Similar to Courtesans 20,000 only instead of Strong Stats it boosts the effectiveness of Proficiencies if you have a higher Grade and there are no Grade Weaknesses.

Statistics: Each Warrior has 3 Statistics Aggression, Grit and Will. The first Dot in each is free further Dots must be purchased.

Proficiencies: A bit like Good Ats but you are only allowed 1 for each Statistic.

Weapons, Features and Bugs and Psychic Powers have their own chapters but the basics are covered in Warrior Creation for purposes of quick reference.

This is a very flexible system allowing you to customise your very own little Warband to protect the Empire or destroy it.

This of course depends on the Allegiance you select!