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[Release] History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang

Slang Front Cover

The History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang is now out!

Click on the picture to go to the print copy or click here for the EPub.


[Transported] Update


I don’t think just making Transported a Supplement will do it justice. It is a unique setting with unique challenges and unique Characters.

Thus Transported will become the 4th History Farce game. It shall play with some of the same mechanics as Doxy but it shall be standalone.

There shall be conversion guides from the other 3 but all Felons will use the rules in Transported rather than their own.

Please do join us for this rollicking adventure!


Me with plays

I am selling a limited number of signed copies of the following books

Tough Justice
Tough Justice: Grim & Gritty
Bloodsucker: The Play
Chav: The Play

Price will be the lulu cover price+ whatever I pay for postage which will normally work out as chaeper than lulu.

If you don’t have my email leave a comment here and I’ll email you.