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[History Farce] The History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang

18th Century

A result of me revisiting the History Farce games in new print editions The History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang not only reprints the full dictionary from Tough Justice but also provides some extra material.

The Evolution of Accents: Explaining how English pronunciation has evolved over the centuries and speculation on how Georgian people would have sounded.

Society, Politics and Religion: How Society was supposedly structured throughout the era.

Key Events and People: Important people and events of the era.

This will be coming to stores as soon as I get the cover art…


[Release] Courtesans: The Weird and the Wonderful Classic Edition

Weird and Wonderful CE Front

And that my dears concludes my epic month of reprints. Click the link to purchase.

I will do a Friendly Chat About Video when I have some camera time that will explain how I approached these new editions and how my views have evolved over the year.

Coming next The History Farce Guide to Georgian Slang.

[Release] Courtesans Classic Edition

Classic Edition Front

Kittiwake Classics presents a special Print Edition of Ian Warner’s Courtesans: A Roleplaying Game of Sex and Society.

Packed with new art, re-edited text and less soap-boxing the Classic Edition of Courtesans will be hitting the wider market with a bang.

Click the picture to go to the purchase page.

You can also download a special pack of character sheets HERE

[Classic Editions] Doxy

Classic Edition Front

With permission of Postmortem Studios, Kittiwake Classics will be releasing special Print Only Editions of the History Farce Games for wider distribution and to keep the series together in some form of coherancy.

The first of these will be Doxy: A Roleplaying Game of Sex and Skullduggery which should be hitting the virtual shelves very soon!