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[Release] Courtesans Classic Edition

Classic Edition Front

Kittiwake Classics presents a special Print Edition of Ian Warner’s Courtesans: A Roleplaying Game of Sex and Society.

Packed with new art, re-edited text and less soap-boxing the Classic Edition of Courtesans will be hitting the wider market with a bang.

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You can also download a special pack of character sheets HERE


[Buisness Shout Outs] Corset by Design

Lizzie Lofthouse

A shout out for a school friend who, like me, is starting her own buisness

Corset by Design offers custom fitted corsets at a very reasnoble price. If you’re a fan of Tough Justice, Courtesans, Doxy or even Bloodsucker you may well want to invest in the perfect bit of LARP or Convention wear.

You can email Ana here corsetbydesign@gmail.com

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[Scandal Sheets] Meet Miss Sally Sill

Sally Sill Woodcut

Meet Miss Sally Sill, the daring young missionary to the Demi Monde of London, specifically 69 Frothington Road. Her papers, recovered from the private collection of notorious “Moral Crusader” Cecilia LeMonte, naturally focus their detail on her fascinating subjects.

However as she is drawn deeper into the murky world she seeks to save these “poor lost women” from she finds herself changing as a person.


Well you’ll have to wait for the books!

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Spotlight- The Scandal Sheets of Miss Sally Sill

It gets saucier that this!

Despite causing a real sensation in her day Miss Sally Sill is somewhat forgotten in the eyes of history.

The Prudish Victorian “moralists” did all they could to suppress the frank, uncensored interviews conducted by this pure and noble Christian girl with many of the most notorious Courtesans of her age talking of themselves and their dear departed “Sisters.”

Ironically it is thanks to the hypocrisy of one: a Lady Cecilia LeMonte that our Directing Editor Mr Warner has uncovered the complete set. It seems Lady LeMonte was all too happy to read these stories however “filthy and unholy” she proclaimed them to be. To hide the shame of possessing such material she buried them in an undisclosed location that Mr Warner was able to uncover almost 200 years later.

The interviews are in the process of restoration. With sketches by artists Franz VonStuker and Chloe Havelock reimagined by Warner’s regular artist Raven Morrison illustrating the covers this novella sized series shall be the first priority of the company.

Be sure to collect all of The Scandal Sheets of Miss Sally Sill!