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[Release] How to Lose Friends and Annihilate People

Today saw the release of Alex Wylie’s How to Lose Friends and Annihilate People

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How To Lose Friends and Anihilate People

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How To Lose Friends and Anihilate People BW


[3rd Party/Fiction] Coming Soon- How to Lose Friends and Annihilate People

How To Lose Friends and Anihilate People

Perhaps the single weirdest manuscript ever submitted to a publisher in history Alex Wylie’s début novel takes apocalyptic fiction like Left Behind, Things to Come and I am Legend and gives it the surreal and hilarious kick in the nuts it so richly deserves.

Be prepared to see the world in a way no talking Bonobo with an iPod ever has before!

[WB20k] The Church of the Goddess Empress

Church Logo

The Empress, much like a lot of modern Republican politicians, was initially manipulating her religion for political gain.

Since the Sethian Rebellion however the crazy has taken firm root in her chaotic psyche.

Thus her Church has gained a deal of power rivalling that of the Guardians, Fleet and even the dreaded Quizzers.

Their theology, a strange mishmash of Shinto and Catholicism places the Empress as a messianic living Goddess who is humanity’s only hope for survival. It has never been a particularly welcoming creed and the Empress’ new paranoia about men hasn’t helped in the slightest. This fanatical warrior priesthood is dedicated to purging what it considers evil with holy fire.

Warbands of the Church tend to be split between expendable hordes of Lay Sisters and resilient and charismatic Ordained Clergy. They are tactically uninventive essentially rushing their enemies to close with their flame Weapons however their Fanaticism means where most Warbands just Withdraw they keep fighting, albeit with no idea of friend or foe!

[Scandal Sheets] Meet Miss Sally Sill

Sally Sill Woodcut

Meet Miss Sally Sill, the daring young missionary to the Demi Monde of London, specifically 69 Frothington Road. Her papers, recovered from the private collection of notorious “Moral Crusader” Cecilia LeMonte, naturally focus their detail on her fascinating subjects.

However as she is drawn deeper into the murky world she seeks to save these “poor lost women” from she finds herself changing as a person.


Well you’ll have to wait for the books!

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