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[WBH] Allies

Alf Arkwright

Sometimes a Superlady needs help that she can’t get from a costumed Sidekick or a common Goon.

This is where Allies come in.

Allies use the Character Template but don’t have Origins or Powers like a Superlady. Instead they have a special Ability called an Authority.

Depending on their area of Authority (Criminal, Espionage and Terrorism, Magic, Police and Science) and the level (Basic, Extensive and Leading) Allies can bring resources to bear that result in very useful tactical advantages for a Superteam.


[WBH] Superladies

The Tackler

Superladies are the costumed protagonists of comic books. To represent them in Whore’s Blade Heroics a template is added to the base features Character.

The Superlady Template consists of the following features.

A snappy name the Superlady is known by on the street. Some like Texi Tarquin or Feathers McGee don’t bother with this but most have secret identities to maintain so come up with elaborate names.

Everyone starts somewhere and Superladies are no exception. There are 6 Origins I shall address in individual articles however in summary…

*Accidents: Women who accidentally fell into a radioactive… something…


*Experiments: Science experiments done right… well kind of.

*Mutants: Icky genetic supers.

*Supernaturals: Beings of magic and myth.

*Suprnormals: Superladies with brilliant training and lots of gadgets.

Powers get a whole chapter to explain themselves but on the whole they are very generic and can be applied to a wide variety of storyworld styles.

[WBH] Characters

Major Britania

Characters are defined as those Warriors that are integral to a Superteam’s actions in the story world. Regardless of whether they are Superladies or Allies they are the ones who’s story is being told in game.

Characters (before any decision is made as to whether they are Superladies or allies. Have the following features.

A name which they are legally known by in civilian life.

Characters have 3 Statistics:

Aggression Co-Ordination and spatial awareness.

Grit: Brute force and resilience.

Will: Strength of mind and determination.

Specialist Areas in which the Character excels.

Shiny things to hit people with.

This base is expanded upon by the selection of Templates which shall be described next…