[Comics] The Ages

I maybe starting from scratch but I have a long term plan for stories from Kittiwake Girl’s arrival in 1935 to the present day.

Thus the stories are divided into ages depending on when it is set.

Origin Age

This covers the pre war years where Kittiwake Girl establishes the Superlady archetype and the big girls start their stories.

The Age of War

This covers the brief war between the Nazis (and their allies) and the Superlady special forces of the British Empire.

Cheese Age

This was a rather fun but embarrassing era when everything was brightly coloured, kid friendly and full of stupid one-liners.

Grit Age

Shocked by the Widow Scandal the Superlady community got a Hell of a lot darker and all sorts of nasty shit started happening in what would become known as The Grit Age.

Modren Age

These stories will be set in the near past and present covering the slightly more serious than the Cheese Age but not as fucked up as the Grit Age modern times.


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