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Miniatures and Postage

So I’ve sold my first miniature and it comes to the point where I have to sort out postage and packaging.

As a gaming consumer myself I really don’t like that little bit extra for postage and packaging however unfortunately to actually make a profit it is a necessity. Thus there will be a postage charge for miniatures dependent on world location.

Even still I can assure you my margin is as small as possible so you can get good gaming products for a reasonable sum.

Thank you for your understanding and feel free to email me any questions.

[Distribution] Whore’s Blade Heroics Miniatures Deal

Lulu Stevens Painted

The Whore’s Blade Heroics Core Rulebook is now available in a special multi-pack with the miniatures Ms Zen, Ruth Talbot and Lulu Stevens (pictured.)

Click the picture to go to the Table Warfare store.