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[WB20k/ Minis] Lulu Stevens


Yeah I know she’s intended to promote the Shadow World games but Lulu here also makes an awesome gangster for your Union, El-Dazio or Quizzer Warbands.

Not to mention she’s a good generic modern figure for other games.


[WB20k] El-Dazio Inc

El-Dazio Logo

As much as they like to think they are, the Union are not on top of Organised Crime in the Empire.

There are still unregulated private enterprises organising criminals from street level up.

The most notorious of these is the El-Dazio Corporation.

Originally one of the Tech Corporations behind the HTR the rise of the Empress made most of their products illegal forcing them to become an organised crime family. Their knowledge of organised crime may be limited to old exploitation movies but they’re the best business minds in the galaxy and they bring this knowledge to their operations.

It is well known to the Quizzers and the Administration that El-Dazio are a bunch of gangsters however none of the kingpins have been connected to any of the family’s criminal activities. Thus the company goes from strength to strength providing services the Empress prohibits.

As a Warband El-Dazio are characterised by the fact they all carry Elite grade Weapons. They have a unique Feature that allows them to fight more effectively when cornered and some possess Psychic Domination abilities way in excess of any other known humans.

Essentially the El-Dazio way is: strike hard, strike fast and ensure they do not refuse!