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[Minis] Nurse Judy Painted by Blake Guyan

In order to give us some prettier pictures of painted minis I have taken up the offer of a professional to have some Kittiwake Classics Miniatures painted.

First and foremost on Blake Guyan’s list… the delightful Nurse Judy



[Minis] All Greens Delivered

All of the Greens: That is the models made to determine the molds for the Kittiwake Classics Miniatures have been delivered to me.

To recap what’s coming…

Ms Zen
Ms Zen: Based on the Wytch portrait by Mastersilverwolf and perfect for a mystic warrior in any game.

Quizzer Ophelia Rex
Ophelia Rex: Based on the Administrator portrait by Mastersilverwolf this high tech sexy sectary is suitable for any Science Fiction game: Particularly gothic and cyberpunk.

Bolo Tick
Bolo Tick… she’s an Orc Courtesan… enough said! She was based on the Mastersilverwolf Orc with a dress from Raven Morrison’s Lady Jessica Silver.

Dolly Dock
Dolly Dock: A practiced pickpocket with eyes for the pretty girls: Based on the Raven Morrison portrait.

Ruth Talbot
Ruth Talbot: Based on Wizkid: The Cheapening interior art this is schoolgirl mage is hot stuff.

Nurse Judy
Nurse Judy: Based on the Mastersilverwolf Welness Officer Portrait this gun packing sexy nude nurse suits modern and Science Fiction settings.

Sister Sadie
Sister Sadie: Based on the Mastersilverwolf Zealot Portrait: This kinky nude fanatic complete with whip ready to punish sinners.

Lulu Stevens
Lulu Stevens: based on interior art from Chav: The Knifing this hot tempered madam is ready for a modern or Sci Fi game of your choice.

Lenora Justine
Lenora Justine: A cult leader/ preacher for modern and Sci Fi games based on the Mastersilverwolf Demagogue.

Sugar Plum
And last but not least Dolly’s ditzy partner in Crime Sugar Plum: Based on the Raven Morrison portrait.

I’ll keep you posted on all developments.