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[WBH] Conventions and Priority


Rather than crush everything into the Movement Chapter I have decided to put the core mechanics and priority phase together.

The terminology I use remains consistent…

Dice: A single 6 sided die.

X Dice: X being the number of dice rolled.

1/2 Dice: Roll a 6 sided dice and divide the result by 2 rounding up. For lazy people 1-2= 1, 3-4= 2, 5-6= 3.

Roll Off: The basis of the game. Both players roll a dice (with appropriate modifiers) and the one who scores the highest wins!

Challenge: A Roll Off between two Warriors modified by each one’s relevant Statistic, Proficiency, Weapon and/ or Other Factors. For example a Spotting Challenge is Aggression versus Grit meaning the Spotter rolls a dice + Aggression against the Hiding Warrior’s dice + Grit with both applying Proficiencies and Weapons as Appropriate.

Test: A roll where the modifier of one party is not determined by Statistics but rather by circumstances as appropriate to the situation.

Margin of Success: The difference between the winning roll and the losing roll.

Margin of Failure: As above but in reverse.

Exceptional Margin: A Margin of Success or Failure of 5 or greater.

Save: A Roll off between the Players to determine if a Warrior suffers Burn Out or Death.

Pace: A Pace is a basic measure of distance. It defaults at 1 Inch=1 Pace but you can use any measure you deem appropriate provided you have the consent of your opponent.

Warrior: A general term for a member of a Superteam whether a Character or Goon.

Priority has been altered to a roll off rather than Priority going to the Superteam with the Highest Courage in order to fit in with some of the more interesting Powers. Not sure this will continue in future games but here it works.


[WBH] Superteam Creation


I do realise a lot of the time I talk about system stuff I assume I’m talking to the same fan-base who know the previous incarnation. Well I’ll try to remedy that with this…

Like the vast majority of Tabletop Wargames Whore’s Blade Heroics has a points system for building Superteams (this game’s version of Warbands.) In theory this should make it an evenly balanced game but even with extensive playtesting one can never be 100% sure. In the end this is a game about spandex clad japes with sexy Superladies so frankly advanced statistical maths can go fuck itself.

Anyhow Superteams consist of the following elements…

1 Leader: A Superlady with a great deal of in built power: The Cover girl and lead protagonist of the Superteam’s Comic.

0-2 Sidekicks: Superladies who are either inexperienced or just outright weaker than the Leader. They may not be as powerful as their boss but hey more shiny superpowers!

0-2 Allies: Allies are non-costumed normal humans who can use their connections in society to provide their Superteams with tactical advantages.

As Many Goons as you Want:
Goons are typical foot soldiers whether Coppers, Thugs or something really strange. They are individually no match for a Superlady but in numbers they can deal a lot of damage.

I shall address each of these elements and the 3 Morality Factions that can be applied to Superteams to boost their Courage and grant them unique advantages in separate blog articles.

There’s a lot in there!