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[WBH] Superteam Creation


I do realise a lot of the time I talk about system stuff I assume I’m talking to the same fan-base who know the previous incarnation. Well I’ll try to remedy that with this…

Like the vast majority of Tabletop Wargames Whore’s Blade Heroics has a points system for building Superteams (this game’s version of Warbands.) In theory this should make it an evenly balanced game but even with extensive playtesting one can never be 100% sure. In the end this is a game about spandex clad japes with sexy Superladies so frankly advanced statistical maths can go fuck itself.

Anyhow Superteams consist of the following elements…

1 Leader: A Superlady with a great deal of in built power: The Cover girl and lead protagonist of the Superteam’s Comic.

0-2 Sidekicks: Superladies who are either inexperienced or just outright weaker than the Leader. They may not be as powerful as their boss but hey more shiny superpowers!

0-2 Allies: Allies are non-costumed normal humans who can use their connections in society to provide their Superteams with tactical advantages.

As Many Goons as you Want:
Goons are typical foot soldiers whether Coppers, Thugs or something really strange. They are individually no match for a Superlady but in numbers they can deal a lot of damage.

I shall address each of these elements and the 3 Morality Factions that can be applied to Superteams to boost their Courage and grant them unique advantages in separate blog articles.

There’s a lot in there!