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[Activism/ Film] The Lame Duck Rises

Mr Fowl

Scripts for both film and stage were some of my first writing projects worth a damn so I’ve been thinking of returning to them for a while now. Doubtless many of my regular fans are sick and tired of my various disabled rights posts and wish I would go back to something a bit more creative so I shall.

The Lame Duck Rises shall feature an alternate future version of myself seeking revenge on the ultra-capitalist system that drove him utterly insane. Think of a guy as ruthless as the Punisher, with the sick sense of humour of The Spectre leading an improvised network of highly skilled and equally deranged operatives like Batman.

I’ve got a good opening written up and hope to have a full script soon. If you are in or able to easily get to the Enfield-Southgate area and you are interested in appearing in this film do please get in contact with me via the usual channels.

I have 7 evil Tories, a Newsreader and Mr Fowl’s trusty sidekicks Logic, Rags and Ruin to cast for sure with the possibility of other characters appearing in the story later.

I hope you will support this endeavour and forgive the delay to CID.

[Year in Review] 2012

Kittiwake Logo Black Background

When years start passing like weeks they say it is a sign of getting old. What happens when they start doing that when you’re only 26 and look younger?

Oh well…

2012 has been a year from Hell for so many for a variety of reasons. It was also my first full year of operation as a registered independent business… fuck!

All things considered I haven’t done too badly though there have been many setbacks that alas have got in the way of how things are progressing.

Book Releases
It has been a slow year for book releases consisting mostly of my reprints of the History Farce Series

Classic Core Cover

Classic Edition Front

Classic Edition Front

Weird and Wonderful CE Front

Of course out of this scramble to give existing books a facelift and a proper ISBN I also came up with this little gem

Slang Front Cover

More general Sourcebooks like this seem like a good idea: Not only to spread the reach of the History Farce series but to educate people on how very close to that nasty world 300 years ago we are today.

Of course I did manage to squeeze in another full game too…

WBH Front Cover

There’s plenty of potential in what one reviewer calls “a VERY rules light system” (seriously meet my mate Grim, he writes full games in 2 pages) and I hope to be getting back to it shortly with Fantastic Femmes.

Amazon Distribution
The main reason behind the reprints was that I wanted to build up my author profile with lots of proper shiny ISBNs. The result is below…


Both EPub and Kindle Formats remain a right royal pain in the arse to use however I am gradually managing it to the point where I am seriously considering EPubing game books too albeit without the fancy formatting or most of the artwork. Do let me know what you think of this idea.

Third Party Publishing
My editing skills have made a real improvement this year thanks mainly to two very talented new authors who let me loose on their work. Do check them out!

How To Lose Friends and Anihilate People

From the Mind of UJames1978

Oh yes these… exist…

Seriously though… they may not all have professionally painted pretty pictures yet but these figures are worth a look for the novelty if nothing else…


Fame and Fortune on Teh Internetz
My Review Show Is It Awesome? has found a new home on blp.tv. I know I know it funds a fascist American Political Party but…
1) It’s the only decent site left that understands what “Fair Use” means.
2) I’d have just as much of a problem with it funding the other lot as they are equally deplorable.

Anyhow it isn’t bringing in that much in revenue yet (keep watching) but it is fun to do and helps establish a weekly routine that helps with managing my chronic insanity.

Header Graphic

The Taxman Cometh
Not nearly as scary a prospect as you’d think, particularly when your turnover and profits are so low they actually give you the OPTION of not paying National Insurance. Needless to say I pay it: That’s right Propertarian Lunatics out there I PAY MORE TAX THAN I AM REQUIRED TO. Why? Because I believe in living in a civilised nation with universal healthcare and adequate poverty relief.

Speaking of Which…

This year in British Politics will go down in history regardless of if we have a future as a civilised nation or not. Between the re-legalisation of Slavery, the stealth dismantling of the NHS and the ongoing act of mass murder now commonly referred to as the ATOS Genocide we’re clearly at a crisis point from which there is no return. Keep up with my personal fight via the activism tag on this blog.

Atos Hollocaust

Personal Disappointments
It is a wonder that I and the various freelance professionals I work with have got anything done this year at all with the situation on both the micro and macro scale world wide getting so utterly stark bollockingly crazy but there are a couple of big disappointments for me.

Fore-mostly my inability to get either CID: Coppers In Disguise or The Scandal Sheets of Sally Sill Volume I remotely close to finished. This is totally the fault of me and my own personal “fuckbrain” issues as Grim would call them. I’ll try and get them done soon.

The other thing bugging me is the ongoing delay of my first comic Kittiwake Girl: The Beginning #1. Dale is the best man for the job and what he has done so far has proved that beyond a doubt however his own issues in this year from Hell have put us behind schedule and delayed my introduction to the world of comics… sorry about that.

My intention for 2013 is best summed up by that infamous Troll of a British politician Winston Churchill. KBO=Keep Buggering On. I’ll do my damnedest to get you lovely fans as much new material as I can muster and hope you bear with me through the oncoming storms of both my personal and political situation.

Best wishes


[Activism] This Looks Promising…

“If you want something done in this country you have to complain until you’re blue in the mouth”- John Cleese

It seems like her Majesty’s Opposition have something brewing… or at least one of them does…

Here’s my reply from Michael Meacher MP

Dear Mr Warner,

Many thanks for contacting me with details about your experiences with ATOS. I am extremely sorry to learn how badly you have been treated.

It is my intention to build up a dossier of cases such as your own which I can make use of in the future to argue for radical changes to the present unfair and incompetent system. In particular, I will be calling for a full Parliamentary debate on ATOS through the procedure of the Backbench Business Committee and I am also seeking a meeting with the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith MP.

As you are not one of my own constituents, I will not be able to take up your individual case with your local agencies I’m afraid, as this must be carried out by your own MP. But it would be very useful to make use of your experiences when I make representations about the ATOS system as a whole.

Can you kindly confirm that you would be happy for me to use your details in this way? Also, would you be willing to be contacted in the event of any interest from the press or broadcast media?

Many thanks.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Meacher MP

Of course I replied in the affirmative: I doubt the response we will get will be anywhere near what is needed to draw a line under disability rights forever but this is a start. Mitt Romney famously claimed to have “binders full of women” well now Mr Meacher seems to be gathering “Binders full of Crimes Against Humanity” I hope against hope it buries the Tories in all parties for good.

[Activism] Letter To Michael Meacher MP


Dear Mr Meacher

After your so called Shadow Minister for the Disabled’s shabby performance in recent days which has led to a complete collapse of trust in your party by the vast majority of the disability rights movement (again) I’m glad to hear you are calling for stories of ATOS/DWP abuse and suggestions for how to remedy the situation.

I have been in frequent correspondence with my own MP David Burrowes (Conservative: AKA the British Rick Santorum) which I have published HERE

I also emailed Mr Byrne before his shambles of a non addressing of the issue HERE

If he had read the thing instead of directing me to your rather pathetic “make up our policies because we can’t be bothered” website all of this could have been avoided and you could well have obliterated your opponents by now.

My personal story is somewhat boring an not nearly as shocking as those of my colleagues in the Black Triangle Campaign because I have (just about) the means to work around the problems these criminals have caused me and every disabled person in this country. You can find it in this YouTube Video

The full details of the crimes of Maria Miller, Ester McVey, Iain Ducan Smith, Chris Grayling and the multinational gangsters both your party and they have sold our disabled to are detailed on the Black Triangle Website in addition with the help of some armchair lawyers and my own knowledge of history I have come up with a nuclear option

The facts people like Black Triangle have uncovered just with FOIs and harsh language are more than enough to prove the criminality of these nefarious characters so imagine what a bunch of coppers with search warrants could achieve?

I don’t hold out much hope for what MP can achieve (despite planning to run myself in 2015) but I hope you are serious in challenging this atrocity and bringing all responsible to swift and brutal justice

With Thanks

Ian Warner
Directing Editor
Kittiwake Classics

[Activism] An Email to Liam Byrne

Dear Pleb

Dear Mr Byrne

I like many of my disabled comrades reacted to your change of heart on disability benefit with a cautious optimism. The thought of a mainstream party getting off its collective backside and actually doing something for the disabled people being quietly murdered by a system actively hostile to them is quite appealing but you will understand I’m not entirely convinced of your sincerity until I see some concrete action.

First and foremost DPAC, the Black Triangle and many others have gathered enough evidence for criminal convictions of Iain Duncan Smith, Maria Miller, Chris Grayling and the management of ATOS “Healthcare”. If the shocking hard proof they have gathered with only Freedom of Information Requests and the odd whistle-blower isn’t damning enough imagine what a bunch of real Coppers with Search Warrants would find?

Naturally with the legal system as it is we’ll probably only find something minor like defrauding the public purse but hey they nailed Al Capone for not paying his taxes!

As the disabled have been kicked backwards and forwards between the parties over the past 15 years a criminal investigation and convictions would finally draw a line in the sand that the weakest amongst us are not to be interfered with.

The problem however doesn’t stop there: We need a radical reform of disability benefit to make it easier to claim for the genuine. Your suggestion of combining the DWP and NHS was good but I’d go one step further. I would remove disability benefit from DWP’s clutches altogether.

Let me explain… the DWP are, by unfortunate necessity, callous and cynical pen pushers with very little care for their fellow citizen. However much you may try to train up specialist disability advisers (like the one who suggested I close my claim because the mandatory course she would have to send me on was “basic job seeking for retards”) and encourage a positive atmosphere you will never get that in a Job Centre.

Disability Benefit may, technically, be a pension but it is one that needs extensive medical understanding and compassion. Moving the benefit entirely over to the NHS and having it prescribed like medicine by ACTUAL DOCTORS would not only create a compassionate easy to use system but cut billions off the DWP budget and create a system with next to no chance of fraud.

I hope you find this letter interesting and I encourage you to explore these possibilities further. I have had extensive correspondence with my local MP David Burrowes (aka the British Rick Santorum) which you can find, along with many other bits of campaigning under the activism tag on my blog.

With Thanks

Ian Warner
Directing Editor of Kittiwake Classics

Member of
The Black Triangle Campaign
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
The Justice Union of the UK (As Mr Fowl)

Founder of
The People’s Court of Government Corruption

Contact details
Redacted for security