[Activism] Letter To Michael Meacher MP


Dear Mr Meacher

After your so called Shadow Minister for the Disabled’s shabby performance in recent days which has led to a complete collapse of trust in your party by the vast majority of the disability rights movement (again) I’m glad to hear you are calling for stories of ATOS/DWP abuse and suggestions for how to remedy the situation.

I have been in frequent correspondence with my own MP David Burrowes (Conservative: AKA the British Rick Santorum) which I have published HERE

I also emailed Mr Byrne before his shambles of a non addressing of the issue HERE

If he had read the thing instead of directing me to your rather pathetic “make up our policies because we can’t be bothered” website all of this could have been avoided and you could well have obliterated your opponents by now.

My personal story is somewhat boring an not nearly as shocking as those of my colleagues in the Black Triangle Campaign because I have (just about) the means to work around the problems these criminals have caused me and every disabled person in this country. You can find it in this YouTube Video

The full details of the crimes of Maria Miller, Ester McVey, Iain Ducan Smith, Chris Grayling and the multinational gangsters both your party and they have sold our disabled to are detailed on the Black Triangle Website in addition with the help of some armchair lawyers and my own knowledge of history I have come up with a nuclear option

The facts people like Black Triangle have uncovered just with FOIs and harsh language are more than enough to prove the criminality of these nefarious characters so imagine what a bunch of coppers with search warrants could achieve?

I don’t hold out much hope for what MP can achieve (despite planning to run myself in 2015) but I hope you are serious in challenging this atrocity and bringing all responsible to swift and brutal justice

With Thanks

Ian Warner
Directing Editor
Kittiwake Classics


4 thoughts on “[Activism] Letter To Michael Meacher MP

  1. ianrthorpe

    H aving done quite a lot of this I’d say if you want to get anywhere tone down the rhetoric and provide hard evidence.

    I don’t know anything about UNUM Provident but I have taken on Norwich Union and the NHS/GMC. By proving collaboration between my doctor and the insurer I secured a big fine for N U and had the doctor struck off.

    Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dems are all on the corporate payroll so consider taking your case to UKIP (who are not as nutty or right wing as you think) or George Galloway’s lot (who are nuttier than you think but do have a sitting MP.) Alternatively try to find a maverick in one of the main parties but that is not easy these days.

    Most important you must substantiate your allegations or nobody will take you on. When N U turned my disability claim down on grounds that I had omitted material information from my application I was able to show by means of expert witnesses that the attack of conjunctivitis fifteen years before (that I had forgotten about) was a minor illness and in no way contributed to my brain haemorrhage nor the paralysis that resulted from it.

    Then having made a case it was a matter of procedure to demand disclosure of other material information and show the doctor had received ex gratia payments and ‘hospitality’ from the insurer. From there we established that Norwich Union employed a team of lawyers to find nit picking reasons to deny claims.

    A short while after that was concluded Norwich Union had a rebranding exercise and emerged as Aviva.

    There was a charity that offered free legal support to the disabled, I can’t remember what they are called but I’ll try to find out for you.


  2. shadow-world

    I and the Black Triangle have provided nothing but hard evidence till we were blue in the face. The point is this is supposed to be the WELFARE STATE not Private Sector Gangsters who shouldn’t be permitted in a civilised nation anyway let alone in public owned essential services.

    Meacher asked for case studies I provided. He’s a back bencher and thus not owned by anyone I’m aware of.

    UKIP? The same UKIP that were suggesting compulsory abortion of Downs babies yesterday? Yeah won’t be looking at them. As for Galloway: I don’t deal with authoritarian lunatics just because I happen to agree with them on one or two points.



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