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The New Year- Hopes and Vague Projections

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I’m not going to lay out a schedule for 2012, even a speculative one because Kittiwake is a creative enterprise and we are at the mercy of our contributor’s various muses.

However in this post I shall outline what I would like to get done this year.

First there is Kittiwake Girl: The Beginning #1 which is currently being drawn up. I expect a release sometime in January.

Other Comics will be appearing sporadically both Purple and Black Band.

Work continues on the Scandal Sheets but it seems novels don’t gel very well with my writing process quite yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Seeing as Kittiwake is founded in Roleplaying and has Roleplayers as its main customer base it’s high time we release an RPG don’t you think? Well CID: Coppers In Disguise is progressing a bit and Transported should be hot on its heels.

Further support for History Farce shall also be forthcoming. I hope to bring the Landlady’s Guide to Eligible Gentlemen to print.

In the meantime the Whore’s Blade cores shall continue to trickle out starting with Heroics and 10 special edition miniatures should begin casting in the next couple of months.

Finally I really hope to work with some fans on their contributions to History Farce or Whore’s Blade and maybe some fiction and comics.

I hope that the New Year brings you all the prosperity you need to buy lots of shiny Kittiwake stuff.

Thank you

Ian Warner
Directing Editor