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History Farce Fanfic and Other Submissions

Writer at Work

Tell me about your Character…

No really do… The first works I have undertaken for Kittiwake Classics are the stories of the sample Characters from the History Farce games but I still need help getting out the kind of volume of cheap history porn out there to give hope of a decent profit.

That’s where you, the fans, come in. Tell me about the Characters you are playing in the History Farce games. If you fancy writing up their exploits in the literary form of your choice (I’m favouring mock shock journalism and autobiography, you can however try a more traditional form) I welcome all submissions of whatever length and subject to my own and my proof reader’s editing.

If you have stories of any length or ideas for good ones please email me at the address given in the back of any of the History Farce books.

If you have any other ideas for Kittiwake Classics again, email me, or if you don’t have my email comment here.

I will of course ensure published authors get a fair chunk of any profits.

Thank you.