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[Activism] A Thank You Letter to David Burrowes


Dear Mr Burrowes

My thanks for our helpful chat today, you clearly are a very sincere man and your compliance with the party line is clearly out of ignorance. I do not mean to be insulting in saying that, after all it was only a couple of months ago that I found out the full extent and impact of the existing reforms of ESA via various internet support groups and the work of the infamous “Keith Ordinary Guy.”

The Black Triangle Campaign has done sterling work documenting the abuses of this legislation including providing news from the horse’s mouth through the wonders of the internet.

The original UN Complaint is HERE though many have sent their own since then. I’d imagine some poor bureaucrat is sat under a pile of them at The Hague.

When it comes to their choice of name and their use of language you may well be appalled. As someone who was forced by our excuse of an education system to study Nazi Germany non stop for 4 years nobody believes in enforcing the famous “Godwin’s Law” (when you invoke Hitler you lose the argument) any more than me but what we are seeing here, whether the fault of ministers, ATOS or the Rhetoric of the tabloids is VERY reminiscent of the initial campaign waged by the German Coalition in 1933.

I attach the key screen shot from the FOI request which, being released on the internet, has been used in many picture memes against the WCA over the last few weeks.

Whether this is carelessness or maliciousness this has to stop. As I said my solution of transferring disability support to ACTUAL DOCTORS as part of the NHS rather than the DWP is probably impractical but the possibility should at least be explored.


Ian Warner