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[Activism] Letter to David Burrowes MP- Round 2

Grown Back

Dear Mr Burrowes

In a slightly more upbeat note from my last letter (dated 11.09.2012) I am writing to thank you for your work in standing up for a fellow autistic lad Garry McKinnon.

You are absolutely right that it is immoral and inhumane to drag a vulnerable young man thousands of miles to face particularly flimsy charges from a government too incompetent to work out how to make a computer system secure.

Then again I am somewhat puzzled how you don’t see the parallels with this country’s benefits system. Vulnerable people like Gary are being assumed to be criminals just for being disabled or unemployed, not over the pond in that backward corporate-fascist nightmare but over here in Britain.

Friends of yours at St Thomas’ have said how much you admire William Wilberforce but this year your party undid his fine work and reintroduced slavery via the notorious Workfare program who’s operators cannot even be bothered to provide the appropriate training, equipment or even overnight accommodation for the people who are, in legal terms, their slaves.

Add to this the well documented crimes of Unum/ATOS (the full report from Black Triangle is linked on my Blog) in driving over 32 people a weak to death through how sick its making them and it really becomes difficult to hold the moral high ground for the McKinnon case.

As I said I greatly appreciate what you have done for Garry. I would have worded it a lot stronger as I do not believe in this destructive “special relationship” that brings us nothing in return but dead soldiers and regressive ideologies but I appreciate the political mainstream hasn’t quite caught up to how morally bankrupt that regime truly is yet.

I would however appreciate some action on the forgotten vulnerable young (and old) people of this nation who also face trumped up charges based on failed government computer schemes that have already cost many of them their lives and are likely to cost many more in the days to come

In Faith

Ian Warner
Directing Editor of Kittiwake Classics

Member of…
The National Autistic Society
The Dyspraxia Association
Republic UK
The Official Monster Raving Loony Party
The Social Welfare Union
The Black Triangle Campaign against Defamation of the Sick and Disabled
The Justice Union of Great Britain (As Mr Fowl)