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The most polite hate letter ever sent to the IRS

I thought I’d post this here as well as send it off just for the public record and more importantly the lulz…

To Whom it May Concern

I am a self-published author working through the American web Company lulu.com. I was informed by them that I would have to apply for a tax number and tax exemption under a long standing treaty to avoid paying tax on the few US sales I make.

Having spent hours trying to decipher the frankly ridiculous forms and instructions that they provided for me I sent them my one piece of photo ID (my passport) and completed form. They then, having checked it forwarded it to the IRS office.

That was about 2 months ago and I haven’t heard anything about a tax number or more importantly for a small businessman getting my passport back.

Worst still as you don’t even have anyone but a robot answering your office phone and have no email address (which in this day and age is pathetic) I am forced to write to you directly in a vain hope of getting a response.

I enclose my business card and hope to get an actual response by one of the contact methods listed as to where my passport is, when it’s coming back to me and if I have got this tax number so I can fill in the second form necessary to get my money.

I cannot come into the embassy in person because firstly I have no photo ID because it’s with you and secondly I have a severe disability that means I cannot get very far from home.

I do hope you actually take notice of this letter and respond because I’m annoyed enough at your country’s effect on the world as it is.

Yours Sincerely

Ian Warner
Directing Editor
Kittiwake Classics