[Comics] Want to Create your Own Superheroine?

She Rock

Ever wanted to create your own Superheroine or Supervillainess?

Comics involve quite a bit of investment but the pay off is potentially very lucrative. As such I am just as willing to accept concepts and submissions as I am with fiction.

If you have an idea for a hero or villain do let me know and I shall get back to you with my thoughts.

As always, you never know, you may have a deal.

Also artists are more than welcome to offer their services, though bear in mind this is pretty small scale at the moment and pay won’t be great.


4 thoughts on “[Comics] Want to Create your Own Superheroine?

  1. CTH

    I have some superheroine/villainess characters that I have used in RPGs, mostly NPC as I tend to be the GM ( but there, as GM when you like your Chr$ they can get the breaks, eh? ), and a couple of ’em are ( relatively ) original concepts. Ish. I’ll e-mail them to you if you’d like. Shall I try to find the stats, or just rough out the outlines for you?


  2. CTH

    Sorry, distracted by other things. Here is an NPC I used…

    Name : Dream-Girl / Amanda Barton

    Description :
    1) The girl next door, a madonna and a whore: she is your feminine ideal made flesh.
    2) Quite a scruffy young woman, casually dressed ( are those pyjamas? )and unkempt ( bed-hair ). Distant and distracted air.

    Origins :
    Born this way, she has always been a lucid dreamer with imaginary friends that could actually play with her.

    Physique (weak)
    Nimbleness (weak)
    Brains (good)
    Charm (normal)
    Oomph (fantastic)


    Fisticuffs (weak)

    Computer Nerd

    Play Keyboards
    Write Poetry

    Sorcery – Dreamweaver – Level 4 ( Able to manipulate her own dreams and waking dreams and impose them on the real world. At low power this is mere illusion, but it can also create solid, lethal, new forms )
    *Read Dreams ( Telepathy-like scan of dreams/imagination of subject )
    *Dreamform Self ( Appear as others would wish you to be )
    *Create illusion ( Shape and control illusory vision )
    *Create Portal : Dream Dimension ( Opens passage to and from realm of dreams )
    *Solidify Dreamform ( Bring into reality an object or being from casters dreams/imagination )
    *Dream Savant ( Access to “skill” or “power” that caster dreams/imagines they have )
    *Enter Dream ( Project self into the dream of a person who is present or with whom a strong connection exists
    *Prophetic Dream ( Only available in true sleep, gives veiled hints about possible futures )


    Minor defect – careless of appearance, poor hygiene
    Powers only available while not concentrating – sudden loud noises or physical contact will break her lack of attention.


  3. CTH

    Name : ECT / Doctor Zap / Lena Kaminski

    Description :
    1) Businesslike clinician, brisk, smartly dressed, professional. Neither dowdy nor glamourous.
    2) Dark gray and black body suit, hood and gloves made from diving gear ( good insulation ) with a matte black close-fitting kevlar helmet, a battery pack on her back and a mesh of wires over all. She is able to cause the wires to ripple with electricity and spark.

    Origins :
    A criminal psychologist who came to realise that some malefactors are just evil. She uses her skills to identify and stop them, learn their secrets and uses their gadgets and gimmicks in her fight against wrong-doers. Her first success was against Jagged Lightning, and his lightning-projector and baton have been added to her own converted defibrillator gloves and hypodermic pistol.

    Her prefered technique is to use her skills to extract a confession and/or the evidence needed to convict her quarry. Ideally the criminal will understand the wrong they have done, but she knows that usually she will have to settle for merely proving that they did wrong.

    Physique (Good)
    Nimbleness (Excellent)
    Brains (Astounding)
    Charm (Excellent)
    Oomph (Superb)

    Resilience :
    Energy :

    Fisticuffs (Excellent)
    Throwing (Average)
    Gunplay (Good)

    Driving (Good)
    Athletics (Excellent)

    Head-Shrinker (Astounding)
    Saw-Bones (Good)
    Interrogation (Superb)
    Investigation ( Good)

    Electrics ( Good )

    Address Book ( Police and University contacts, current and former patients )
    Hit Where It Hurts ( Knowledge of where on a body to direct blows for maximum effect, +50% damage )
    *Armour Level 1
    *Strobe Lights : in Doctors head-mounted reflector lamp
    * Distraction ( -1 to Action Rolls reliant on vision in 90 degrees ahead )
    * Hypnotise ( Wearer can put targets ahead into trance )
    * Induce Epilepsy ( Level 2 attack causing loss of control and siezures )
    *Energy Absorbtion : Electrical ( Up to 10 levels into battery )
    *Resistant : Electrical : 100% ( Insulated )

    Weapon : Electrically Charged Gloves.
    *Energy Jolt : Electrical : Selective : Battery holds 10 levels worth of power
    *Energy Beam : Electrical :Selective : Battery holds 10 levels worth of power ( Directed lightning bolt )
    *Energy Manipulation: Electrical :Absorb ( recharge Battery up to 10 Levels )
    *Resistant : Electrical : 100% ( Insulated )

    Weapon : Baton : Hand/Thrown
    *Energy Jolt : Electrical : Selective : Battery holds 5 levels worth of power

    Weapon : Needle Gun ( Compressed Air, 5 shot magazine )
    *KO anaesthetic
    *Truth Serum


    Day Job : Psychiatric Practice and Criminal Psychology professorship and consultancy.
    Hypocratic Oath: Will always attempt to subdue and capture an opponent while causing as little lasting harm as possible. Any actual killing or maiming will cause her distress.



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