[Comics] Content Advisory

Kittiwake Girl Comic Size B and W

My regular readers will know me for my adult content: However I am also a big fan of comics that are… well… cartoony!

What is and isn’t kid friendly is so vastly varied across the globe that I am never going to say anything I write is “suitable for children” but the Comic series will not be all comprised of DEFINATELY adult material.

Thus I shall implement the following system.

Kittiwake Comics shall come in two distinct groups determined by the colour of the back cover and the border of the front (KG #1 shall get this border in due course.)

Thus the two “bands” are as follows…

Purple Band: Purple Band comics are those which contain no material considered adult by the standards of a typical Brit (I.E: Me.) Those with young children or strict standards may wish to read the comic first but they are generally suitable for all.

Black Band: Black Band Comics are firmly for an adult audience. You have been warned.


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