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[Comics] Content Advisory

Kittiwake Girl Comic Size B and W

My regular readers will know me for my adult content: However I am also a big fan of comics that are… well… cartoony!

What is and isn’t kid friendly is so vastly varied across the globe that I am never going to say anything I write is “suitable for children” but the Comic series will not be all comprised of DEFINATELY adult material.

Thus I shall implement the following system.

Kittiwake Comics shall come in two distinct groups determined by the colour of the back cover and the border of the front (KG #1 shall get this border in due course.)

Thus the two “bands” are as follows…

Purple Band: Purple Band comics are those which contain no material considered adult by the standards of a typical Brit (I.E: Me.) Those with young children or strict standards may wish to read the comic first but they are generally suitable for all.

Black Band: Black Band Comics are firmly for an adult audience. You have been warned.


[Transported] Another Update

Mary Read

As the Scandal Sheets are stopping and starting I have put a little time into starting Transported.

I have decided the message of Transported is too important to be negated by Neo Victorians and censorship so mature content shall be kept to a bare minimum.

Obviously you still can play a shameless Harlot but only if the Guv (Games Master) agrees that the group is mature enough for you to do so.

Details will doubtless be popping up intermitently over the next few months.