[Comics] Calling Artists

Kittiwake Comics Logo

I am looking for any artists out there who fancy some work in the upcoming Kittiwake Comics.

Particularly I’m looking to commission the art for Bomber Bird and Magnificent Magda.

Bomber Bird tells the story of the slightly insane daughter of an Irish Royal Engineer dedicated to fighting crime with explosives.

Magnificent Magda tells the story of a Circus freak who finds out she is a genuine half angel and begins her adventures in the world of magic and mystery with the aid of an unusual guardian.

Style wise I think the Bomber Bird comics would work best in a simplistic style emphasising the fun and mayhem (think Paul Dini’s Harley and Ivy) whilst Magnificent Magda is more deserving of a more realistic look.

The job will involve a full colour cover and 30 pages of black and white comic. I can’t pay as much as a bigshot but you can be assured I will try my best to.

Contact me by the usual means.


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