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[WB20k] Movement

Tina El-Dazio

The Movement Rules of Whore’s Blade 20,000 are based around the simple principle that a Warrior Moving at full combat effectiveness can move her Grit in Paces. This is called a Base Move.

This includes jumping gaps between buildings if the Warrior has the Paces to achieve this.

There are also three other Movement options.

Paces of Base Move can be spend to Climb 1 Level per Pace spent.

Sprinting: Sprinting involves “gambling” for additional Paces in Movement: Higher Grit Warriors have better odds. Sprinting Warriors cannot declare Engagements or attempt to Spot Hidden Warriors.

Hiding: Provided a Warrior is in Base Contact with suitable cover she spend a Pace to duck down out of sight. Remaining hidden until spotted by an enemy or until she makes a Pop Up Attack.