[WB20k] The Psidivision

Psidivision Logo

Pretty much everyone in the 21st Millennium has a Psychic Power, however most people are responsible enough not to over use it.


Because of the inherent risks involved when you tap into the Ether.

Nobody knows for certain why the Ether is so hostile to human manipulation. The Church maintains it is a wretched hive of Demonic forces whilst more rational theorists speculate it is a manifestation of the collective human psyche and thus is dominated by overwhelming dread and raging anger.

Whatever the case these real dangers do not put off some people and these crazy daredevils make up the Psidivision.

Part self-help group for Psychic Addicts, part mystical order the Psidivision consists of those who cast off all other trappings of mortal life in pursuit of psychic brilliance.

And brilliant they are indeed displaying one of the most potent Psychic Attacks known to mankind in Barrage.

Having said this they are so focused on their Psychic selves they neglect the physical. This doesn’t just mean poor hygiene but also a lack of Weapons, equipment or in some cases even clothes.

If you want to play with fire with regards to Psychic powers then the Psidivision may just be the Warband for you.


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