[WB20k] Propaganda Poster Showcase

Here’s a brief look at the Propaganda Posters.

Figures by Mastersilverwolf, logos by Brad K McDevitt, Editing by me!

Wellness Office
Wellness Officer Poster (Censored)

The Empire has Wellness Officers in each and every department of state. All armed and all crazy!

Quizzer Poster

The Quizzers like to boast they are everywhere and it is true they recruit pretty much anyone but they’re not quite as all seeing as one would think.

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Privateers tend to have a bad rep but they are also romanticised as they enjoy semi sanctioned freedom.

Wytch Poster (Censored)

The Quizzers don’t really need to keep an eye on the Psidivision. Everyone is so nervous of those crazies they do it automatically!

Zealot Poster (Censored)

The Church’s lay followers are both scary and exciting to your average Subject.

Warrior Poster (Censored)

A young lady inspired by this poster in the Pearl Sector will be pleased to know that it’s model is an actual drill instructor eagerly waiting to lick her into shape!

Administrator Poster

Admins understand “less is more” ding dong!


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