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[Update] Computer Breakdown


For those of you who aren’t already aware the main computer I use for my work is currently being repaired.

However this does not mean I’m taking a break.

There certainly will not be any more releases until it is fixed but I am using the time to press on with CID, Whore’s Blade Heroics and that sodding novel of mine!

I appreciate your patience in any correspondence if I am not my usual prompt self



P.S: When I get my computer back and everything is properly installed I will be releasing a Mastersilverwolf Stock Art compilatio.


[WB20k] Propaganda Poster Showcase

Here’s a brief look at the Propaganda Posters.

Figures by Mastersilverwolf, logos by Brad K McDevitt, Editing by me!

Wellness Office
Wellness Officer Poster (Censored)

The Empire has Wellness Officers in each and every department of state. All armed and all crazy!

Quizzer Poster

The Quizzers like to boast they are everywhere and it is true they recruit pretty much anyone but they’re not quite as all seeing as one would think.

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Privateers tend to have a bad rep but they are also romanticised as they enjoy semi sanctioned freedom.

Wytch Poster (Censored)

The Quizzers don’t really need to keep an eye on the Psidivision. Everyone is so nervous of those crazies they do it automatically!

Zealot Poster (Censored)

The Church’s lay followers are both scary and exciting to your average Subject.

Warrior Poster (Censored)

A young lady inspired by this poster in the Pearl Sector will be pleased to know that it’s model is an actual drill instructor eagerly waiting to lick her into shape!

Administrator Poster

Admins understand “less is more” ding dong!

[WB20k] Missions

Quizzer Poster

Some Wargamers I know get really pissed off at any suggestion there may be more to a game than plonking down some minis and shooting the shit out of each other for a couple of hours.

Others simply DEMAND you have a proper scenario with defined objectives and in some cases a fully-fledged back story.

It is… as ever… my duty to balance the demands of a diverse (though not large) fan base. Thus there are several ways to handle Missions in Whore’s Blade 20,000.

Fire Fight: Ignore the idea of objectives and just set up and shoot each other to Hell.

Basic Missions: A randomly selected simple Mission with objectives that affect your Opponent’s Courage Point store.

Black Ops: One Player assembles a Warband as normal whilst the other has a horde of Goons for them to get past in some kind of risky stupid mission. There will be a future Supplement dedicated to this form of play.

Full Scale War:
Combining Goon Squads with heroic Warrior leaders for a full-scale Wargame. Again there will be a Supplemental Expansion of this.

Hopefully this caters to all tastes!

[WB20k] Psychic Powers

Wytch Poster (Censored)

With the exception of the rare “Fuzzies” every human being in the Galaxy has a Psychic Power.

Psychic Powers come in three broad varieties…

Minor Psychic Powers are free but not particularly powerful ranging from the classic fireballs and lightning bolts to more subtle abilities like Compel.

Allegiance Psychic Powers are unique to each Allegiance and are quite potent, hence they cost extra.

The same is true of Occupation Psychic Powers available to those with specific Occupation Features.

The choice is between a risky but useful back up or a potent and destructive ability that will likely determine the strategic worth of the Warrior to her fellows.

Whore’s Blade 20,000 Update!

WB20K logo l

One week since I started and I have a 3 finished Chapters!

Seriously this is just pouring out and that is a problem: Why? Because the promotional minis that inspired this game are still being sculpted, artists need their time and I really hate having nearly finished books lolling about on my hard drive waiting for a couple of pictures.

Thus Whore’s Blade 20,000 will be taking a backseat until I’m a bit more secure in being able to do it the full justice it deserves.

Of course for me “taking a backseat” means I’m cutting down on time spent on it. Not that it is being ignored!

I will of course post previews of what I have so far 🙂