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[WB20K] Core Book released!

Core Cover (Screen)

Whore’s Blade 20,000 is now on sale.

To get a shiny print copy click the picture above.

Alternatively Electronic copies are availible from RPGNOW and Wargame Vault


Whore’s Blade 20,000 Update!

WB20K logo l

One week since I started and I have a 3 finished Chapters!

Seriously this is just pouring out and that is a problem: Why? Because the promotional minis that inspired this game are still being sculpted, artists need their time and I really hate having nearly finished books lolling about on my hard drive waiting for a couple of pictures.

Thus Whore’s Blade 20,000 will be taking a backseat until I’m a bit more secure in being able to do it the full justice it deserves.

Of course for me “taking a backseat” means I’m cutting down on time spent on it. Not that it is being ignored!

I will of course post previews of what I have so far 🙂