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[WB20k] Missions

Quizzer Poster

Some Wargamers I know get really pissed off at any suggestion there may be more to a game than plonking down some minis and shooting the shit out of each other for a couple of hours.

Others simply DEMAND you have a proper scenario with defined objectives and in some cases a fully-fledged back story.

It is… as ever… my duty to balance the demands of a diverse (though not large) fan base. Thus there are several ways to handle Missions in Whore’s Blade 20,000.

Fire Fight: Ignore the idea of objectives and just set up and shoot each other to Hell.

Basic Missions: A randomly selected simple Mission with objectives that affect your Opponent’s Courage Point store.

Black Ops: One Player assembles a Warband as normal whilst the other has a horde of Goons for them to get past in some kind of risky stupid mission. There will be a future Supplement dedicated to this form of play.

Full Scale War:
Combining Goon Squads with heroic Warrior leaders for a full-scale Wargame. Again there will be a Supplemental Expansion of this.

Hopefully this caters to all tastes!