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[WB20k] The Department of Administration

Administration Logo BF

Administration, logistics and requisitions: This is where the true power of any Empire lies.

The Empire of Woman is no exception. The Department of Administration is a bureaucratic mess that cannot be navigated by anyone who is not in the know. Even the seemingly all powerful Quizzers have to suck up to the sultry sectaries who, with a stroke of their pens can send them the shiniest of new toys.

Of course being Subjects of the Empire the Administrators are no pushovers. They do not just wage war with lists and forms but by force of arms too.

It is in this that they become truly terrifying. With their intimate knowledge of the system they can arm their Warriors with lots of rare and destructive weaponry that other Warbands have only a limited supply of.

Never underestimate the power of a pen pusher be she a lowly Intern or a might SCO.

With their access to an excess of Heavy Weaponry it is easy to make your Administration Warband very shooty. A couple of Warriors with NP22s should discourage those who like to get too close allowing you to lay waste to your Opponent in a fire fight she cannot hope to win.