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[WB20k] Morale

Wellness Officer Poster (Censored)

Morale is always a tricky one to model in a Wargame.

Moving and shooting can easily be statistically determined but as to how your Warriors feel… God only knows!

The way Morale has been modelled in Whore’s Blade 20,000 is each Warband has a store of Courage points. These points go down after particularly successful Attacks are made against the Warband and Warriors die.

However the points can also be expended voluntarily to reroll a dice through heroic effort.

Morale is thus a balancing act. Do you conserve points from loss or risk them to change the course of fortune? The choice is yours!


[WB20k] Priority


Rather than the typical “you go, I go” of other Wargames Whore’s Blade 20,000 replicates the chaos of battle as players take it in Turns to Move or Engage with individual Warriors rather than their whole Warband.

Who goes first? Well the Warband with the highest Courage gets to choose which of the two Phases to assign priority to and thus act first in. In the other Phase the other Warband acts first.

Simple and fair, the watchwords of the game.