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[WB20k] Cults of the Powers of Darkness

Cult of Darkness Logo

As pathetic as it is when you preach against something, whether it exists or not, hard enough some “radical non-conformist” will start worshiping it.

The Church has been holding up its Powers of Darkness bogeyman for over 10,000 years and during that time it has developed into an underground rival religion.

They profess many Sethian ideas about freedom and scientific supremacy however this is based on the belief that this will give them cool demonic powers rather than an actual belief in science or reason.

Whilst the Church preaches the two factions are in cahoots most Quizzers know that they are highly antagonistic toward each other.

The entire human race may well be capable of great feats of Will through Psychic Powers but fortunately most of the Cultists Attempts to summon demonic doom are complete failures. Nevertheless the Quizzers are pressured by the Empress to waste their time on these suckers!

Cultist Warbands favour cheap and plentiful builds with Standard Issue Weaponry supplemented with the odd Jury Rigged beauty.

Tactics generally involve being numerous and overwhelming smaller, better equipped Warbands.