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[Scandal Sheets] Preview passage and update

Volume 1 Front Small

Just to let you all know I am still working on this little gem though I can’t give a good release time frame.

Here is a little excerpt…

When I began my investigation into the scandalous world of the Demi Monde the last place I expected to visit was the drawing room of the Frothington Estate and the last person I expected to interview was the Marchioness of Frothington.

As it turns out it was my first point of call.

You have probably read of this strange love story elsewhere. I know for a fact the Times ran a whole series of articles supposedly chronicling the whole story.

However nobody has yet had the good manners to ask the new Marchioness herself to give her own account.

Until now…

Her Ladyship was most enthusiastic to contact me when I made my intentions clear through the press. She felt that the world had a right to know her story.

Having completed my interview, and now in the process of writing it up, I wholeheartedly agree. Her Ladyship is, by reputation and I believe in fact, the most virtuous lady ever to pass through that sordid world.

Having said that, as I quickly found, she is far from a poor innocent!


[WB 20k] Background

Quizzer Poster

In Courtesans 20,000 I answered the basic questions about the Setting of the Empire of Woman. It was however quite brief and for good reason.

I had a lot of new rules to cram in and the third, and probably most popular, Alternate Setting was also something of an afterthought.

In the Whore’s Blade 20,000 Rulebook I go into further detail about the Empire. Not just from the context of the Quizzers either.

The Core Rules shall focus on humans the most populous sentient species.

There shall be a future supplement about Aliens but there is enough variety to fill up a Wargame in just human politics both between the Empire’s various power blocs and the various Dissident factions.

So there you have it, the Wargame gives you more detail than the Roleplaying Game… funny that!

Scandal Sheets- Miss Sill’s Introduction

Hattie Swan (nee Harker) the first of the ladies profiled by Miss Sill

So many authorities both civil and religious have tried to stop the publication of these interviews or at least moderate their frankness. I maintain dedicated to free speech regardless of the uncomfortable truths and shocking revelations these Interviews put forth. I believe it is my Christian duty to reveal this underworld in all its ugliness and no threat of civil or criminal proceedings will dissuade me.

In Faith

Miss Sally Sill