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[WB20k] The Sethian Insurgency

Sethian Logo

The Hyper Tech Republic was, like many human institutions, driven by idealism more than anything else.

It was this that ultimately led to its downfall through the Corporate Betrayal.

With the masses now in the thrall of the “saviour” Empress those who believed in the primacy of Science faded into the Shadows.

They did not vanish entirely though. There were still some that clung to the old certainties and did not embrace the new dogma. One within the Empress’ very cabinet nearly brought the theocracy crashing down and re-established the HTR.

The remaining groups who have Scientific ideals are collectively named after him. They are the Sethian Insurgency.

Contrary to the ancient joke about the People’s Judean Front they are relatively harmonious if not very well organised.

Curiously this Science based group has a real lack of practical minded folk. This is because pragmatic people know the Empire isn’t going anywhere and are usually involved in a department of state if not the Quizzers themselves.

The Sethians rely on their technical genius to win the day with tactics and abilities that confound their Opponents and their ability to strike back.

It is quite a combination that can be extremely potent in the right hands. However it can also fall to pieces in short order if not played right.