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[WB20k] Drafted

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The basic text of the game is now drafted. Once I have painted up some minis to use to illustrate some points I shall photograph them and create a fully formatted proof copy of the interior text.

If you wish to be involved in the playtesting of this game please let me know.

Thank you.


[WB20k] General Update

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As much as I am determined to get on with Scandal Sheets Volume 1, Whore’s Blade 20,000 keeps drawing me back.

On paper it is a simple, elegant game with plenty of room for customisation and tactical ingenuity. How it plays in reality I should know soon as I will have a complete Playtest PDF by about this time next week with any luck.

We may well be looking at a before schedule release which will mean pictures of the Official Table Warfare Miniatures will be of the sculpts and the “Action” pictures will be of Hasslefree and Shadowforge Miniatures now that I have their kind permission.

Stay tuned for more art, pictures of painted minis and daily previews of the Core Rules contents.

Whore’s Blade 20,000 Update!

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One week since I started and I have a 3 finished Chapters!

Seriously this is just pouring out and that is a problem: Why? Because the promotional minis that inspired this game are still being sculpted, artists need their time and I really hate having nearly finished books lolling about on my hard drive waiting for a couple of pictures.

Thus Whore’s Blade 20,000 will be taking a backseat until I’m a bit more secure in being able to do it the full justice it deserves.

Of course for me “taking a backseat” means I’m cutting down on time spent on it. Not that it is being ignored!

I will of course post previews of what I have so far 🙂