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[WB20k] Men’s Liberation Army

MLA Logo

Men have hard time in the Empire. Ever since the Empress was betrayed by a man she’s projected this mistrust onto the entire gender. Thus men are second, if not third class subjects.

Barred from employment, drugged to the eyeballs and with their sex lives reduced to official breeding programs it’s no wonder they rebel.

The rather haphazard pseudo group that supports the restoration of men’s rights is known as the Men’s Liberation Army.

Imagine the anarchy of Anonymous mixed with the passion of the Suffragettes and the ruthlessness of Al Qaeda.

Yes I do realise those adjectives are interchangeable!

Anyway the MLA are a group of fanatics with an obsession with blowing shit up in the name of re-establishing gender equality if not tipping the balance the other way.

MLA Warbands are chaotic and disorganised in all sorts of stupid ways but as they prefer explosives you can guarantee that they will hit hard. Particularly against large numbers!