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[Fiction] Announcement

Kittiwake Logo Black Background
Scandal Sheets Volume 1
continues to progress slowly and Dale is putting me to shame with the speed with which the cover art is coming.

As difficult as I am finding fiction I have a feeling it is probably a more lucrative market and one that is more likely to give me and by extension the roleplaying hobby greater recognition.

As such I would like announce the following projects.

This is well in advance of any actual work being done on them but it’s worth knowing they are on the drawing board.

Confessions of a Wicked Little Thief: A novelisation of the Transported “metaplot” Bet Marley’s story will be a writing project I thought I’d never take on. A book that can be read by children, albeit probably older ones as I will not shy too much away from the horrors of Transportation. Just enough that the book is no longer considered “adult.”

Kittiwake Comics: Having just begun writing Whore’s Blade Heroics I realise there is potential for a full comic book series with all the insanity that implies…. So long as I can afford it.

What do you guys think of these ideas? Worth persuing? Feedback is always welcome!

[Activism] Cause Days

At my Church’s Men’s Dinner Last Night I was inspired to get more involved in causes I believe in.

As such I shall be announcing Cause Days on the first of each month.

All ecommerce takings on these days shall go to a cause which shall be announced in good time to give you plenty of notice.

The first shall be my old friends Crossbones. This campaign aims to raise funds to preserve this pauper’s graveyard for the people and build a proper memorial.

Information here…

[WB20k] Men’s Liberation Army

MLA Logo

Men have hard time in the Empire. Ever since the Empress was betrayed by a man she’s projected this mistrust onto the entire gender. Thus men are second, if not third class subjects.

Barred from employment, drugged to the eyeballs and with their sex lives reduced to official breeding programs it’s no wonder they rebel.

The rather haphazard pseudo group that supports the restoration of men’s rights is known as the Men’s Liberation Army.

Imagine the anarchy of Anonymous mixed with the passion of the Suffragettes and the ruthlessness of Al Qaeda.

Yes I do realise those adjectives are interchangeable!

Anyway the MLA are a group of fanatics with an obsession with blowing shit up in the name of re-establishing gender equality if not tipping the balance the other way.

MLA Warbands are chaotic and disorganised in all sorts of stupid ways but as they prefer explosives you can guarantee that they will hit hard. Particularly against large numbers!

Opinions- A Very Different Christmas Carol

The book that started the whole sorry affair

I’ve had this idea of reimagining classic novels, particularly the works of Dickens, to provide a different spin on their “moral” message.

The first would be A Christmas Carol

Take that scallywag!

Ah yes, the story of how a grouchy evil old miser is reformed and shown the true spirit of Christmas, right?

Well no actually I think there is another side to old Scrooge. Dickens intended him to be the villain who finds redemption in the “spirit of Christmas.”

Leave aside that Christmas is an entirely manufactured celebration with very little to do with ANY religion and consider this… Scrooge is a victim in a nightmarish dystopia of conformity.


Yes kiddie (or in the Muppet version bunny) kicking Scrooge is a victim!

How did I come to this conclusion? Because, like him, I’m a high functioning autistic.

Let us consider Scrooge’s early life. He quickly becomes obsessive with maths and accounting and works so hard that he chooses to stay at school rather than celebrate holidays (all holidays not just Christmas) with his family.

Going into the world of world he becomes as his boss Fezziwig puts it “the greatest financial mind in the city” but still his typical autistic tendencies toward excelling in his field above all else. Whilst Fezziwig throws extravagant parties wasting all of the money Scrooge has worked so hard to manage Fezziwig laughs it off and introduces him to Belle.

Ah yes… Belle… a “human” side to him.

Actually wrong again: Their meeting is forced, their relationship is the result of societal pressure on Scrooge and she eventually breaks with him because she doesn’t accept his driving passion.

Sounds to me like a textbook Aspergers “relationship.”

Ah you say… but… Scrooge is “reformed” is he not? Well only through emotional blackmail of 3 of malicious spirits that wouldn’t be out of place in a Japanese horror film. In fact come on Japanese horror directors, I want to see your excessively gory and inappropriately sexualised Christmas Carol.

Bring it on!

Anyway back to the point Scrooge has his unhappy Childhood and his forced “relationship” brought up by creepy kiddie spirit, then shown useless underling’s crippled kid and his own sick sister before finally being shown not only cute crippled kid’s death but his own.

Emotionally stable people would struggle not to break under that kind of pressure.

So in conclusion we have a poor hardworking autistic man forced into what he has always considered “pointless frivolity” by a society that demands you conform to their idea of “community.”

Bah humbug to that!