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[WB20k] Amazon Listing

Core Cover (Screen)

Whore’s Blade 20,000 is now listed on Amazon. It would have been nice to have some notice from either lulu or Amazon but oh well! :S


[WB20k] Propaganda Poster Showcase

Here’s a brief look at the Propaganda Posters.

Figures by Mastersilverwolf, logos by Brad K McDevitt, Editing by me!

Wellness Office
Wellness Officer Poster (Censored)

The Empire has Wellness Officers in each and every department of state. All armed and all crazy!

Quizzer Poster

The Quizzers like to boast they are everywhere and it is true they recruit pretty much anyone but they’re not quite as all seeing as one would think.

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Privateers tend to have a bad rep but they are also romanticised as they enjoy semi sanctioned freedom.

Wytch Poster (Censored)

The Quizzers don’t really need to keep an eye on the Psidivision. Everyone is so nervous of those crazies they do it automatically!

Zealot Poster (Censored)

The Church’s lay followers are both scary and exciting to your average Subject.

Warrior Poster (Censored)

A young lady inspired by this poster in the Pearl Sector will be pleased to know that it’s model is an actual drill instructor eagerly waiting to lick her into shape!

Administrator Poster

Admins understand “less is more” ding dong!

[WB20k] Men’s Liberation Army

MLA Logo

Men have hard time in the Empire. Ever since the Empress was betrayed by a man sheÂ’s projected this mistrust onto the entire gender. Thus men are second, if not third class subjects.

Barred from employment, drugged to the eyeballs and with their sex lives reduced to official breeding programs itÂ’s no wonder they rebel.

The rather haphazard pseudo group that supports the restoration of menÂ’s rights is known as the MenÂ’s Liberation Army.

Imagine the anarchy of Anonymous mixed with the passion of the Suffragettes and the ruthlessness of Al Qaeda.

Yes I do realise those adjectives are interchangeable!

Anyway the MLA are a group of fanatics with an obsession with blowing shit up in the name of re-establishing gender equality if not tipping the balance the other way.

MLA Warbands are chaotic and disorganised in all sorts of stupid ways but as they prefer explosives you can guarantee that they will hit hard. Particularly against large numbers!

[WB20k] Cults of the Powers of Darkness

Cult of Darkness Logo

As pathetic as it is when you preach against something, whether it exists or not, hard enough some “radical non-conformist” will start worshiping it.

The Church has been holding up its Powers of Darkness bogeyman for over 10,000 years and during that time it has developed into an underground rival religion.

They profess many Sethian ideas about freedom and scientific supremacy however this is based on the belief that this will give them cool demonic powers rather than an actual belief in science or reason.

Whilst the Church preaches the two factions are in cahoots most Quizzers know that they are highly antagonistic toward each other.

The entire human race may well be capable of great feats of Will through Psychic Powers but fortunately most of the Cultists Attempts to summon demonic doom are complete failures. Nevertheless the Quizzers are pressured by the Empress to waste their time on these suckers!

Cultist Warbands favour cheap and plentiful builds with Standard Issue Weaponry supplemented with the odd Jury Rigged beauty.

Tactics generally involve being numerous and overwhelming smaller, better equipped Warbands.

[WB20k] The Sethian Insurgency

Sethian Logo

The Hyper Tech Republic was, like many human institutions, driven by idealism more than anything else.

It was this that ultimately led to its downfall through the Corporate Betrayal.

With the masses now in the thrall of the “saviour” Empress those who believed in the primacy of Science faded into the Shadows.

They did not vanish entirely though. There were still some that clung to the old certainties and did not embrace the new dogma. One within the EmpressÂ’ very cabinet nearly brought the theocracy crashing down and re-established the HTR.

The remaining groups who have Scientific ideals are collectively named after him. They are the Sethian Insurgency.

Contrary to the ancient joke about the PeopleÂ’s Judean Front they are relatively harmonious if not very well organised.

Curiously this Science based group has a real lack of practical minded folk. This is because pragmatic people know the Empire isnÂ’t going anywhere and are usually involved in a department of state if not the Quizzers themselves.

The Sethians rely on their technical genius to win the day with tactics and abilities that confound their Opponents and their ability to strike back.

It is quite a combination that can be extremely potent in the right hands. However it can also fall to pieces in short order if not played right.

[WB20k] El-Dazio Inc

El-Dazio Logo

As much as they like to think they are, the Union are not on top of Organised Crime in the Empire.

There are still unregulated private enterprises organising criminals from street level up.

The most notorious of these is the El-Dazio Corporation.

Originally one of the Tech Corporations behind the HTR the rise of the Empress made most of their products illegal forcing them to become an organised crime family. Their knowledge of organised crime may be limited to old exploitation movies but theyÂ’re the best business minds in the galaxy and they bring this knowledge to their operations.

It is well known to the Quizzers and the Administration that El-Dazio are a bunch of gangsters however none of the kingpins have been connected to any of the familyÂ’s criminal activities. Thus the company goes from strength to strength providing services the Empress prohibits.

As a Warband El-Dazio are characterised by the fact they all carry Elite grade Weapons. They have a unique Feature that allows them to fight more effectively when cornered and some possess Psychic Domination abilities way in excess of any other known humans.

Essentially the El-Dazio way is: strike hard, strike fast and ensure they do not refuse!