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[WB20k] Weapons

Scoundrel Poster (Censored)

Unlike many ridiculous Science Fiction Wargames, Whore’s Blade 20,000 reflects the fact that in the future warfare will be dominated by fire fights.

You can TRY to be an elite mystic space knight but normally that gets you shot to pieces!

Weapons listed (with the exception of those gained by Features) are therefore all shooting Weapons.

As in Courtesans 20,000 they are divided into Standard Issue, Elite and Heavy Categories with prices and restrictions limiting the number of Heavy Weapons in Warbands.

Weapon Attributes are little changed aside from being rationalised into a notational form suitable for a Roster Sheet and Poison is now referred to as Critical as not all weapons capable of such horrific damage are necessarily venoms.

Ranges are deliberately on the short side to keep games mobile and fast paced.


[WB20k] Engagement

Warrior Poster (Censored)

Engagement is all about the core of Wargaming: Killing shit!

Engagement begins with the Players taking it in turns to have Warriors declare their Targets.

These Engagements are resolved with Attack Challenges which are typically Aggression versus Aggression unless it is a base to base Melee Engagement in which case it is Grit versus Grit.
The Winner of the Challenge can use her Margin of Success to attempt to Inflict Injury or Close the distance to her Enemy.

Injury uses the tried and tested system from Doxy and Weird and Wonderful.

Cover is a simple bonus to Injury Resistance and Hidden Warriors have the option of making a Pop Up Attack for a bonus to the Attack Challenge.

Falling is treated as an Attack with a Margin of Success equal to the number of Floors fallen.

[Transported] Update


I don’t think just making Transported a Supplement will do it justice. It is a unique setting with unique challenges and unique Characters.

Thus Transported will become the 4th History Farce game. It shall play with some of the same mechanics as Doxy but it shall be standalone.

There shall be conversion guides from the other 3 but all Felons will use the rules in Transported rather than their own.

Please do join us for this rollicking adventure!


Me with plays

I am selling a limited number of signed copies of the following books

Tough Justice
Tough Justice: Grim & Gritty
Bloodsucker: The Play
Chav: The Play

Price will be the lulu cover price+ whatever I pay for postage which will normally work out as chaeper than lulu.

If you don’t have my email leave a comment here and I’ll email you.


[Scandal Sheets] Meet Miss Sally Sill

Sally Sill Woodcut

Meet Miss Sally Sill, the daring young missionary to the Demi Monde of London, specifically 69 Frothington Road. Her papers, recovered from the private collection of notorious “Moral Crusader” Cecilia LeMonte, naturally focus their detail on her fascinating subjects.

However as she is drawn deeper into the murky world she seeks to save these “poor lost women” from she finds herself changing as a person.


Well you’ll have to wait for the books!

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[WB 20k] Background

Quizzer Poster

In Courtesans 20,000 I answered the basic questions about the Setting of the Empire of Woman. It was however quite brief and for good reason.

I had a lot of new rules to cram in and the third, and probably most popular, Alternate Setting was also something of an afterthought.

In the Whore’s Blade 20,000 Rulebook I go into further detail about the Empire. Not just from the context of the Quizzers either.

The Core Rules shall focus on humans the most populous sentient species.

There shall be a future supplement about Aliens but there is enough variety to fill up a Wargame in just human politics both between the Empire’s various power blocs and the various Dissident factions.

So there you have it, the Wargame gives you more detail than the Roleplaying Game… funny that!

Spotlight- The Scandal Sheets of Miss Sally Sill

It gets saucier that this!

Despite causing a real sensation in her day Miss Sally Sill is somewhat forgotten in the eyes of history.

The Prudish Victorian “moralists” did all they could to suppress the frank, uncensored interviews conducted by this pure and noble Christian girl with many of the most notorious Courtesans of her age talking of themselves and their dear departed “Sisters.”

Ironically it is thanks to the hypocrisy of one: a Lady Cecilia LeMonte that our Directing Editor Mr Warner has uncovered the complete set. It seems Lady LeMonte was all too happy to read these stories however “filthy and unholy” she proclaimed them to be. To hide the shame of possessing such material she buried them in an undisclosed location that Mr Warner was able to uncover almost 200 years later.

The interviews are in the process of restoration. With sketches by artists Franz VonStuker and Chloe Havelock reimagined by Warner’s regular artist Raven Morrison illustrating the covers this novella sized series shall be the first priority of the company.

Be sure to collect all of The Scandal Sheets of Miss Sally Sill!